About The Show

Talented designers transform four identical suburban homes in Atlanta. Who will make impressive improvements and raise the property value the most?


Episode 1

Kitchen Face-Off

Four teams of HGTV all-stars design amazing kitchens. They are tasked with bringing some of the outside in, as Dave and Jenny Marrs judge the finished spaces.

Episode 2

Living Room Face-Off

In week two, the teams create stunning living rooms and entryways. Fireplaces and Rocky Mountain views seem like a sure thing until a winner is picked.

Episode 2

Finale Face-Off

With budgets dwindling and pressure mounting, everyone races to the finish line. Teams finally get to see each other's homes and the winning team is crowned!

Episode 3

Main Suite Face-Off

In week three, the competition turns up as the teams renovate their main suite. Unsellable Houses stars Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis blind judge.

Episode 4

Lower Level Face-Off

With the first floor complete, the teams head downstairs to tackle the lower level. Alison Victoria and Veronica Valencia choose a winner.

Episode 5

Exterior Face-Off

Time to head outside as teams design their exterior spaces during a snowy week on the block. Previous winners, Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt, arrive to judge.

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