About The Show

Talented designers transform four identical suburban homes in Atlanta. Who will make impressive improvements and raise the property value the most?


Episode 1

Kitchen Redemption

Four teams of renovation all-stars return, designing gorgeous kitchens in a quest for redemption as the ultimate renovation competition begins.

Episode 2

Living Room Redemption

It's week two and the four teams create their living rooms as Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt stop by to judge the jaw-dropping spaces.

Episode 3

Main Suite Redemption

The competition goes upstairs to the Main Suite where each team attempts to redeem themselves with spectacular designs. Kristina Crestin comes to judge.

Episode 4

Backyard Redemption

The competition heats up as the teams head outside to tackle their backyards and pools - and they'll have a front row seat to each other's designs.

Episode 5

Exteriors Redemption

Teams stay outside as they design their docks, balconies and fronts. Plus, Ty asks everyone to get artsy in his latest design surprise.

Episode 6

Surprise Bedroom Redemption

The road to redemption isn't easy as Ty surprises the teams with their toughest challenge ever: completing a bedroom-ensuite flex space in 48 hours.

Episode 7

Final Redemption

The teams sprint to the finish before a winner is named and redemption earned. They tour each other's houses as Jonathan Scott judges their work.

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