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20th May


About The Show

Alan Titchmarsh and his team travel around Britain carrying out surprise garden transformations. They create stunning outdoor spaces and give out handy hints.


Episode 1


Alan and the team travel to Plymouth to give a backyard makeover to a veteran and his family. They create a modern outdoor space with a tropical yet low-maintenance garden.

Episode 2


Alan and the team head to Salford in Manchester to help two elderly twin sisters, pillars of the local community, and give them a classic cottage garden.

Episode 3

Chandler's Ford

Alan travels to Hampshire to help a family stricken by illness. The family haven't been able to keep the garden tidy, so the team turn it into a woodland retreat.

Episode 4


Alan and the team head to Shrewsbury to create a calming Japanese garden, complete with tea house, for a woman who has dedicated her life to working for a health...

Episode 5


Alan and the team are in the coastal town of Eastbourne to give a beautiful new garden with a painting studio to a widowed WW2 veteran.

Episode 6


Alan visits a grieving family after the loss of their wife and mother. She was planning on transforming the garden for the kids, so Alan helps finish the job.

Episode 7


Alan Titchmarsh and the team head to Hythe on the coast of Kent to help create a sensory garden for a brave four-year-old who is gradually going blind.

Episode 8

Blackpool Zoo

Alan Titchmarsh and the team head to Blackpool, where they help a live-in Zookeeper renovate part of the local zoo and turn it into an animal-themed relaxation space.

Episode 9


Alan and the team visit Nottingham to create two gardens for an inspirational boxing coach. One is a relaxing oasis for his home, the other a compact garden at his...

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