What to plant in October in the UK

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us, so whether it's deciding what seeds to plant in October in the UK or what flowers to plant in October, we’ve got the rundown of the top crops for you.

27 July 2023

As the leaves change colour and the air becomes crisp, you might be asking: “What can I plant in October?” While it’s true that in the UK this time of year is often associated with harvesting and preparing the garden for winter, it doesn’t mean there’s no planting to be done.

There’s a variety of vegetables, flowers, and bulbs which can be sown during October in the UK, ready to provide a splash of colour in the spring or a welcome harvest during the winter. Let’s dive into what October has in store for your garden.

Garden Maintenance in October

Clearing autumn leaves (Credit: Uwe Krejci via Getty Images)

October is a month of transition for your garden. The vibrant summer colours give way to the deep hues of autumn, and this season’s activities shift from nurturing growth to tidying up and prepping for the cold months. Before we delve into what seeds to plant in October, it’s essential to mention the importance of tasks like leaf clearance, composting, and protecting tender plants.

However, October isn’t only about preparation and protection. It’s also a month for reaping the rewards of your hard work with a bountiful harvest of apples, pears, nuts, and various vegetables. And don’t forget to stay vigilant against pests and diseases that may take advantage of weaker plants during this season.

What Can I Plant in October? Seeding the Future

Planted cauliflower seedlings. (Credit: Philippe Gerber via Getty Images)

Just because the days are getting shorter doesn’t mean your planting has to stop. In fact, October is the perfect month to start planting certain seeds, bulbs, and young plants. Whether you’re hoping for a vibrant spring display or a winter supply of fresh vegetables, deciding what to plant in October can significantly impact your garden’s future.

What Seeds to Plant in October

A man sowing winter lettuce. (Credit: pinstock via Getty Images)

Wondering what seeds to plant in October? For those seeking a winter harvest, consider hardy salads like winter lettuce, land cress, and perpetual spinach. These can be sown now to provide fresh, crisp leaves throughout the winter. For an early spring harvest, broad beans and hardy peas can be sown directly into the ground. Garlic and onion sets can also be planted now for a bountiful harvest next year.

What Flowers to Plant in October

A Bumble Bee gathering pollen from foxgloves. (Credit: Ashley Cooper via Getty Images)

In terms of what flowers to plant in October, consider biennials like sweet William, foxgloves, or wallflowers. When sown in October, these flowers will establish themselves over winter and bloom into beautiful colours in the spring. Don’t forget about perennial plants like Aquilegia, Gaillardia, or Lupins – planting them now will ensure a lovely display next year.

What Bulbs to Plant in October

A garden trowel with daffodil bulbs being planted. (Credit: lucentius via Getty Images)

What bulbs to plant in October, you ask? Now is the perfect time to plant tulips for a burst of colour in the spring. Other spring-flowering bulbs like hyacinths and daffodils can also be planted now. Remember that bulbs prefer well-drained soil and should be planted at a depth roughly three times their size. If your soil tends to be heavy or wet, consider planting in containers or raised beds to prevent bulb rot.

What to Plant in October

Autumn is the time for pruning trees and hardwood cutting. (Credit: schulzie via Getty Images)

Now that you have the knowledge of what to plant in October in the UK, it’s time to get your hands dirty. October is also a great time to take hardwood cuttings of deciduous shrubs, providing a cost-effective way of creating new plants for your garden.


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