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Taniya Nayak, Ty Pennington and Alison Victoria mentor teams as they renovate beach properties. The team with the biggest profit adds $50,000 to their next flip.


Episode 1

Clash Of The Kitchens

The three new teams meet mentors Ty, Alison, and Taniya as they get to work on their first challenge in the kitchen and dining room.

Episode 2

Main Suite Face-Off

The competition heats up as the three teams tackle the main suite. Then, a shopping trip throws a design curveball, and the renovators face a tough decision.

Episode 3

Living Room Showdown

The teams prepare to take on the living room, the heart of any home, but they are left with limited time and tight budgets for this vital space.

Episode 4

Kids' Room Rivalry

With three challenges left, the teams are eager to increase the value of their respective homes. The kids' room provides the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Episode 5

Guest Suite Glow Up

The three teams face a dual challenge as they tackle the guest bedroom and bathroom in a final push to completely transform their beach home's interior space.

Episode 6

Winning The Battle

The teams feel the pressure as they choose exterior colours. They get one more chance to wow the judges before the winner is revealed.

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