What to Plant in September in the UK

When pondering what seeds to plant in September in the UK or what flowers to plant in September, rest assured, we've compiled the pick of the patch for you.

27 July 2023

As the early British autumn sets in, you might be thinking: “What can I plant in September?” A time often associated with harvesting and preparing for winter, does it also offer planting opportunities? Absolutely!

Indeed, a surprising variety of vegetables, flowers, and bulbs can be sown in the UK during September. This takes advantage of the cooling soil while promising productive winter and spring yields. Join us as we unveil some of the top choices.

Garden Maintenance in September

Harvesting apples (Credit: Matthias Heitmann via Getty Images)

Gardening in September can feel like a quiet retreat, but the plants might disagree. Ensuring adequate moisture during occasional dry spells while keeping pests and diseases at bay remains crucial. Before we investigate what seeds to plant in September, understanding the essence of proper watering and pest control is essential. For instance, crops such as leeks and celery can struggle if they don’t receive consistent hydration.

But September isn’t solely about maintaining your existing garden. It’s also a time to enjoy the bounty of your hard work. Expect a joyful harvest of apples, plums, raspberries, marrows, and more. And of course, be vigilant against those stubborn weeds and pests that can endanger your garden’s wellbeing.

What can I Plant in September? Seeding the Future

Planting spring onions in the garden (Credit: Dan Brownsword via Getty Images)

Contrary to common belief, September is more than just a month for gathering harvests. It’s also an ideal time to commence planting seeds, bulbs, and young plants. Whether it’s a resilient spring onion or a robust biennial flower for the following year’s display, deciding what to plant in September can pave the way for a verdant spring and summer in the coming year.

What Seeds to Plant in September

Sowing peas into the soil (Credit: temmuzcan via Getty Images)

If you’re contemplating what seeds to plant in September, consider fast-growing greens such as spinach, winter lettuce, and land cress. You can also sow hardier crops like broad beans and peas for an early spring harvest. And for a nutritious winter supply, try sowing turnips and winter radishes.

What Flowers to Plant in September

Magenta coloured cyclamen flowers (Credit: Leisan Rakhimova via Getty Images)

Are you searching for what flowers to plant in September? Why not add a dash of colour to your garden with vibrant Violas or classic Cyclamen. Hardy biennials like Wallflowers and Sweet Williams sown in September will offer a riot of colour to your spring garden. And for a unique touch, try planting anemones in a well-drained, sun-drenched location.

What Bulbs to Plant in September

Lily bulbs being planted in a garden. (Credit: AegeanBlue via Getty Images)

Wondering what bulbs to plant in September? Spring-blooming bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and snowdrops can be sown in early autumn to emerge in vibrant splendour during the crisp spring mornings.

Bulbs are typically easy to manage and great for beginners. Always remember to plant them at the appropriate depth in well-drained soil. Soggy, waterlogged soil can lead to bulb rot. If your soil is compact, it’s important to ‘aerate’ or loosen it to allow air in.

What to Plant in September

Pale pink and bright pink lupins in an English country garden. (Credit: Rosemary Calvert via Getty Images)

Armed with the knowledge of what to plant in September, it’s also a prime time to gather seeds from your garden, such as cosmos and lupins, for future sowing. So, as the September sunsets lend a golden hue to the landscape, let your garden evolve into a mosaic of colour and flavour, teeming with promise for the seasons that lie ahead. It’s not just about bidding farewell to summer; it’s also about welcoming the coming seasons and preparing your garden to showcase its beauty once more.


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