Flowers in Season in June in the UK

The sixth month of the year is the start of summer. So, let's embrace the lush vibes and delve into the wonderful array of eye-catching flowers in season in June in the UK.

5 September 2023

June beckons with its balmy days and delightful dusks, offering a floral feast for the senses. As the days lengthen, the earth reveals an abundant bouquet of blossoms. Gardens shimmer in myriad shades, with everything from vibrant reds to calming blue flowers available in June. So, without further ado, let’s explore the in-season flowers June is famed for in UK gardens all across the country.


Colourful Roses (Credit: Tibor Bognar via Getty Images)

June showers roses upon the UK, establishing it as one of the star flowers that are in season in June. The quintessential bloom of romance, roses adorn gardens with their captivating fragrance and timeless elegance. From the fiery reds to the softest pinks and pure whites, roses epitomise June in-season flowers.


A honey bee collecting pollen from an Astrantia flower (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Astrantias, often dubbed as ‘masterwort’, are intricate and ethereal, their lacy heads and delicate appearance lending a touch of magic to any garden. As part of the flowers in season in June, they meld seamlessly with other blooms, enhancing any floral arrangement with their subtle charm.


Summer flowering blue Geranium flowers. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Known for their diverse palette and longevity, geraniums flourish vibrantly during June. These hardy plants are not just limited to window boxes; they span gardens and patios with their lush presence. As they join the roster of June in-season flowers, they bring along hues from vivid purples to tranquil blues.

Oriental Poppy

A large red Oriental Poppy (Credit: Alex Walker via Getty Images)

With a flair for drama, the Oriental poppy steals the show with its large, silky petals and striking colours. A quintessential example of flowers that are in season in June, their ephemeral beauty and distinct appearance make them a must-have in any summer garden.


Pale pink and bright pink lupins in an English country garden. (Credit: Rosemary Calvert via Getty Images)

Tall, tapering spires of Lupins pierce the June sky, offering a textured dimension to gardens. Their multi-hued flowers, ranging from calming blues to intense reds, make them a fascinating addition to the parade of blue flowers available in June.


A close-up photo of purple violet flowers. (Credit: Mimi Ditchie Photography via Getty Images)

Violas, with their heart-shaped petals and tender appearance, carry a certain innocence. This June in-season flower is perfect for borders, baskets, and beds, serenading onlookers with a gentle symphony of purples, yellows, and whites.


The verbascum flower. (Credit: Albert Fertl via Getty Images)

Known as the ‘Mullein’, Verbascum stands tall and proud amidst summer blooms. With their towering spires dotted with yellow or white blooms, they add a dash of architectural elegance to any garden.


Beautiful pink peony flowers. (Credit: Anna Blazhuk via Getty Images)

Peonies are nature’s pompoms, bursting forth in a celebration of colour and fragrance. As one of the definitive flowers in season in June, they grace gardens with their opulent presence, inviting admiration from every passerby.


Euphorbia flowers. (Credit: LV4260 via Getty Images)

Their diverse forms and shades make Euphorbias a captivating sight. From the spiky to the subtle, they add texture and depth to garden designs. Their resilient nature ensures that they thrive, making them a staple among flowers that are in season in June.


Iris flowers (Credit: schnuddel via Getty Images)

Iris, with its sword-like leaves and iconic petals, is a symbol of early summer. And, when it comes to blue flowers available in June, varieties such as silver edge and blue king offer standout choices.


Summer flowering bulbous perennial purple Allium flowers. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

These ornamental onions present a spectacular ball of blossoms atop slender stalks. Their globe-like appearance is both fun and elegant, truly embodying the spirit of June in-season flowers.


Bright orange Helenium flowers. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Offering warm and spicy hues, Heleniums dance in the summer breeze. They add a touch of whimsy to gardens and are a delightful reminder of the vibrant energy of flowers in season in June.


Dianthus Flowers. (Credit: Westend61 via Getty Images)

Dianthus, with their serrated petals, offer a fresh and spicy scent. Their diverse shades make them a garden favourite, adding a pop of colour to the summer palette.


Delphinium flowers. (Credit: Tim Stocker Photography via Getty Images)

Finally, for those seeking more blue flowers available in June in the UK, the towering spires of Delphiniums answer the call. Their gradient hues of blue, from the softest pastels to the deepest navy, make gardens seem like they have a piece of the sky.

The In Season Flowers June has to Offer

English cottage garden in June. (Credit: Photos by R A Kearton via Getty Images)

June, with its lengthening days and emerging warmth, is truly a horticultural marvel which unveils a rich array of blooms. As we’ve seen, the range is vast, from the understated to the dramatic. The splendour of June in-season flowers is truly unmatched, making it one of the most awaited months for horticulture enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

From the fiery passion of roses to the ethereal whispers of astrantias and the imposing grandeur of delphiniums, gardens transform into a riot of colours, scents, and textures. Whether it’s the romantic allure of peonies, the architectural beauty of verbascums, or the delicate innocence of violas, every bloom plays a part in this mesmerising tableau.


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