About The Show

Cutting-edge technology shows homeowners the true potential of their outdoor areas. Competing designers produce their vision of how to create the perfect garden.


Episode 1

Steph And Nicola

In St Annes near Blackpool, Steph wants to transform her dark, dilapidated garden into a calm space to practise yoga. Can the designers bring her vision to life?

Episode 2

Andrew And Paolo

Andrew and Paolo hate the giant retaining wall that dominates their garden. Can designers Tom Massey and Pip Probert find a way to work with this obstacle?

Episode 3

Debi And Des

Debi and Des want to transform their uninspiring garden into a relaxing space that the family can enjoy. Are designers Oliver Bond and Helen Elks-Smith up to the task?

Episode 4

Agata And David

Agata and David want their awkward L-shaped garden to be a place of relaxation for their family. Can Helen Elks-Smith and Manoj Malde make their dreams come true?

Episode 5

Rachael And Tom

Rachael and Tom are both passionate about the great outdoors and want to transform their outside space into a living larder. Can the designers rise to the challenge?

Episode 6

Lisa And Justin

Lisa and Justin live in a new build house and are desperate for a private sanctuary that offers a 'wild' experience. Can the designers bring their vision to life?

Episode 7

Rhona And Mark

Rhona and Mark love their tiny static caravan! But the back of the mobile home is a wasted opportunity, and they long for a beautiful garden of their own.

Episode 8

Lewis And Holly

In Whitley Bay, Lewis and Holly's cramped, L-shaped garden is jam-packed with toys and junk. Can the designers create a vibrant space they can be proud of?

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