Episode 1

Passion Projects, Pizza And Wine

Kate builds a pizza oven from scratch using clay from her own soil. And, Max dreams up a plan to create an outdoor hot tub made from a Land Rover.

Episode 2

A Grand Piano, A Waterfall And Dazzling Dream Beds

Kate builds stylish garden furniture from scaffolding boards and a bucket. Plus, Max takes on an emotional project for a woman.

Episode 3

A Grass Sofa, Outdoor Cinema And Cocktails

Kate uses soil to build a grass armchair that overlooks the Wye Valley. Plus, Zoe transforms an old television into a cocktail cabinet.

Episode 4

A Floating Duck House, Some Handy Lights And A Herbal Bath

Zoe creates some unique wall lights from discarded mannequin hands. Plus, Max builds a floating duck house.

Episode 5

A Designer Doll's House

Kate transforms a corner of her garden into a seating area using an old wooden boat. And, Zoe builds an outdoor play area for her friend's kids.

Episode 6

A Home Gym And A Tea Tree

Designer Max plans to make a home gym out of two old bikes. And, Zoe recreates an expensive designer lampshade for just £20.

Episode 7

An 80s Revival, A Toothbrush Waterer, And Some Smashing Plates

Kate repurposes a chest of drawers into a wildflower planter. Max invents a toothbrush holder that waters plants.

Episode 8

Mini Greenhouse And Sink Ponds

Designer Max turns an old bureau into a small greenhouse. And, Zoe creates a bright and interesting hanging mobile from a discarded chair.

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