Flowers in Season in November in the UK

With its changeable weather and shorter days, can there be any flowers in season in November in the UK? We’ve unearthed some surprising candidates.

5 September 2023

As autumn draws to a close and winter nears, darker days and dreary weather are conditions that most flowers cannot abide. Meanwhile, the trees seem to have the right idea, shedding their leaves in readiness for frosty days. It certainly doesn’t seem the ideal time for anything to flourish. And yet, there are a few flowers in season in November in the UK. There’s even a range of them, from small and pink to blousy and blue flowers available in November.

Amidst the mists and mellow fruitfulness of the season, certain resilient flowers stand tall and unabashed, displaying an array of colours and textures. These flora, not just content with surviving, truly celebrate November’s unique ambiance. They serve as a reminder that even as the country prepares for winter’s embrace, there remains a burst of life, a hint of the verdant spring and summer days past, waiting to surprise and delight us.

So, what are the brave blooms hardy enough to survive this tempestuous time of year? Read on, because we’ve got the dirt.

Winter viburnum

Winter viburnum. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

The name is Viburnum. Winter Viburnum. And it’s one of the toughest shrubs around. More importantly for our purposes, it produces some of the prettiest in-season flowers November has to offer, like the pink and white petals of Viburnum x bodnantense.


Chrysanthemum flowers. (Credit: Clive Nichols via Getty Images)

Most Chrysanthemums flower in September and October, but with a bit of help, the tougher types can become November in-season flowers. All they need is a change of scenery, being moved indoors and treated as houseplants. There, varieties like Spartan Fire and Foggy provide breathtaking displays.


Alstroemeria flowers. (Credit: Clive Nichols via Getty Images)

Known as the Peruvian Lily, Alstroemeria has a flair for the dramatic. And as long as they’re moved indoors, many varieties have what it takes to be November in-season flowers.


Nerine flowers. (Credit: Moonstone Images via Getty Images)

With their slender petals that seem to dance in the wind, Nerines are much tougher than they look, beginning to flower in September and continuing through to become one of the select few flowers that are in season in November in the UK.

Edward's Rose

Edward’s Rose (Floribunda rose). (Credit: Maria Mosolova via Getty Images)

With their light fragrance and salmon-pink clusters, the flowers of Edward’s Rose seem more fragile than formidable. But looks can be deceptive. Not only is this one of the best flowers in season in November, but it’s resistant to many rose-related diseases.

The In-Season Flowers November Has to Offer

Yellow chrysanthemums in a flower border in a November garden in the UK. (Credit: PaulMaguire via Getty Images)

As the curtains of autumn draw to a close, one might be tempted to think that nature has hung up its vibrant palette, resigning the landscape to a wintry monotone. However, nature, in its undying spirit, always has surprises in store. While the pickings may seem slim at first, those resilient few November in-season flowers are a diverse and delightful bunch that “rose” to the challenge.

November in the UK, despite its shortened days and sombre mood, bears witness to a few resolute flowers that defy the season’s chill. From the tenacious Winter Viburnum with its delicate pink and white petals to the robust Nerines that seem to waltz even in the breeziest conditions, the UK’s gardens remain a testament to nature’s resilience. Chrysanthemums, often a spectacle of the earlier autumn months, can continue their visual feast well into November with just a tad bit of care and relocation. The Peruvian Lily, with its dramatic demeanour, and the Hyacinths, particularly certain varieties, lend their hues and aromas to the indoor spaces, ensuring that the spirit of bloom remains unbroken.

So, while November might be perceived as a precursor to the dormant months, its bouquet of blooms ensures that beauty persists. It’s an inspiring reminder that even in the seemingly darkest times, there’s always a splash of colour, a fragrance, or a resilient spirit to keep the essence of life alive in the nation’s gardens.


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