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Home renovation expert Jasmine Roth comes to the rescue of homeowners who’ve made disastrous DIY mistakes. Can she turn these mishaps into dream spaces?


Episode 4

No Right Angles

Confident from renovating their last home, retirees take on a more complicated project. Jasmine steps in to transform their kitchen with an eclectic beachy style.

Episode 5

A Family Affair

After losing $75,000 to a devious contractor, a couple looks to renovate her childhood home. Jasmine aims to restore their faith and cramped space!

Episode 6

Up In Smoke

It's been over two years since a family's kitchen went up in flames. Now, Jasmine creates a timeless kitchen and transforms this home into a contemporary farmhouse.

Episode 7

He Said She Said, Call Jasmine

A couple's house is now full of holes after he tackles a demo with no reno plan. Jasmine looks to rescue their home with a California vibe.

Episode 8

Whose Decision Is it Anyway?

Indecision has a family stuck in a house with half-done projects. Jasmine finds the perfect way to create a finished home with a timeless look.

Episode 9

You Don't Complete Me

A couple takes on projects impossible to finish. Now Jasmine looks to reconfigure their awkward layout and create a coastal vibe.

Episode 10

Empty Nester's Woes

A couple's house is busier than ever with spouses and grandkids. Jasmine looks to fix 27 years of wear to update their mid-century modern with Spanish flair.

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