What to Plant in December in the UK

As the frost settles and the festive season approaches, you may ponder what seeds to plant in December in the UK. Join us as we discover a winter wonderland of planting possibilities.

5 September 2023

The question “What can I plant in December in the UK?” holds more possibilities than one might first think. Yes, the weather outside may be frightful, but with a gentle touch and careful planning, there’s a plethora of bulbs, seeds, and flowers that thrive when planted in this festive time. Let’s uncover the hidden winter gems you can introduce to your garden.

Garden Maintenance in December

A snail crawling through the garden. (Credit: Sonya Kate Wilson via Getty Images)

December in the UK might feel like a gardener’s respite, but it’s an essential time to nurture and protect. Before we explore what seeds to plant in December, it’s crucial to touch on garden care. Shielding your perennials from frost, mulching, and staying vigilant for birds, slugs, and snails are paramount tasks.

What Can I Plant in December? Embracing Winter's Embrace

Frosty early morning in the garden. (Credit: Sophie Shoults via Getty Images)

Seeds, flowers and bulbs are all options when it comes to what to plant in December. And, whether it’s hardy veggies or resilient blooms, planting in December can lead to delightful results in the coming months. In some instances, they can be sown directly outdoors, whilst in others they might need a cloche, greenhouse or container to start them off. With that in mind, “let stalk” specifics.

What Seeds to Plant in December

Broad beans being planted in garden soil. (Credit: nadiasphoto via Getty Images)

When it comes to what seeds to plant in December, think vigorous veggies. Broad beans and lamb’s lettuce, and some onion varieties, will not only tough out the colder climes, but also ensure you have a head start come springtime. Finally, there’s rhubarb, a plant so winter friendly it’s even a favourite in Alaska.

What Flowers to Plant in December

Sweet pea seedlings. (Credit: Alphotographic via Getty Images)

They may look delicately fragile, but pansies and sweet peas are go-to examples of what flowers to plant in December. If you have a greenhouse, this is a good time to sow snapdragons, violas and some types of laurentia. And that’s just the seeds. There’s more if you add bulbs into the mix.

What Bulbs to Plant in December

Lily bulbs being planted in a garden. (Credit: AegeanBlue via Getty Images)

Lilies, tulips, and alliums all top the list of what bulbs to plant in December, ready to flourish after a winter chill for a vibrant garden display when spring arrives. As always, ensure they’re placed in well-draining soil to avoid rot during the wetter winter months. For those with clayey or compacted soil, remember to aerate it for optimal planting conditions.

What to Plant in December

Close-up of frost on holly leaves in the garden. (Credit: Claire Plumridge via Getty Images)

So there you have it once and floral; there’s no shortage of options for what to plant in December. With its frosty embrace and festive aura, December is far from being a dormant month for the avid gardener in the UK. As we’ve explored, there’s a delightful assortment of bulbs, seeds, and flowers that one can plant during this season, each promising a vibrant bloom or yield in the forthcoming months.

Whether you’re considering the resilient pansies that defy winter’s chill, the promising tulip bulbs that anticipate the spring, or the nourishing vegetables that ensure a head start into the warmer months, there are ample opportunities to enrich your garden.

So, embrace the winter months, plan meticulously, and look forward to a garden that’s teeming with life and colour as the seasons change. Happy planting!


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