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20th May


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Chip and Joanna Gaines help homebuyers in Waco, Texas, look past the superficial and buy the worst house in the best neighbourhood.


Episode 7

Second Chance At A Country Home

After years of living in Waco, a couple dream of moving to the country with their three kids. Chip and Joanna help them get their perfect property.

Episode 8

Rustic Italian Dream Home

A couple are moving to Texas to be closer to family. They enlist the help of Chip and Joanna to create a rustic Italian-style dream home.

Episode 1

First Home With Timeless Class

Matt and Melissa are hoping to buy their first house together in Waco, Texas. Chip and Joanna help them locate and renovate their dream home.

Episode 2

Space To Thrive

A couple recently adopted two girls and are hoping to find a house where their family can have space to grow. Chip takes on the girls' bedroom.

Episode 3

Retiring To The Country

A couple are ready to downsize as they enter retirement. After touring different homes with Chip and Jo, the couple narrows their search to two choices.

Episode 4

Dog-Loving Couple Searches

A couple are ready to buy their first home together with plenty of space for their two dogs. Chip and Joanna have big plans for the renovation.

Episode 5

Space In The Suburbs

A family hunt for their dream home in Waco, Texas. They ask Chip and Joanna to locate and renovate a four-bedroom house with open space for hosting guests.

Episode 6

Stately In White: '80s To Elegant

Designer Kristen Bufton enlists Chip and Joanna to design her family home. Kristen is expecting a baby, so the pressure is on to create a move-in ready home.

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