Flowers in Season in May in the UK

Discover a mesmerising showcase of flowers in season in May in the UK, each painting a vibrant story with their own unique colours and fragrances.

5 September 2023

The merry month of May, often described as the grand finale of spring, serves as a magnificent gala for flowers in the UK. It’s during this time that we witness a profusion of colours gracing gardens — soft lavenders, passionate reds, and a diverse range of blue flowers available in May. As we delve deeper into this article, we’ll shed light on the unique flowers that are in season in May, defining the true essence of this inspiring month.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley (Photo: Bill Koplitz via Getty Images)

When one thinks of flowers in season in May, the enchanting Lily of the Valley often springs to mind. It’s hard not to get lost in its intoxicating fragrance, which wafts from its delicate bell-shaped blooms. For years, poets and artists have taken inspiration from its elegance. Its rich history, combined with its symbolism of the return of happiness, marks it as a classic bloom that personifies the spirit of May.


Beautiful pink peony flowers. (Credit: Anna Blazhuk via Getty Images)

In the grand tapestry of in-season flowers May offers, Peonies stand out with their distinctive elegance, radiant hues, and aromatic presence. Beyond their stunning aesthetics, they’ve held important places in various cultures, symbolising various meanings from love to prosperity.


A close up of lilacs growing from a lilac tree. (Credit: kazue tanaka via Getty Images)

For those who have an affinity for softer, dreamy landscapes, the pastel shades of the Lilac tree make them some of the prettiest flowers that are in season in May. With their sweet scent and timeless appeal, they’ve secured a coveted spot in many an English garden during this season.


A close up of blue forget-me-not flowers. (Credit: © Jackie Bale via Getty Images)

Among the blue flowers available in May, the Forget-me-not is indeed hard to overlook. Their vibrant blue petals, harmoniously contrasted with a sunny yellow centre, perfectly epitomise the refreshing and bright ambience of May. Their versatility, suitable for pots and borders alike, makes them an essential for any garden.


Iris flowers (Credit: schnuddel via Getty Images)

Another gem among the blue flowers available in May is the striking Iris. Beyond their attractive hues of blue and purple, their detailed patterns and unique shape evoke images of an artist’s meticulous brushstroke, capturing the essence of creativity and beauty May heralds.


Close up of pink orchid flowers. (Credit: Elena Medoks via Getty Images)

The month of May in the UK brings with it a fascinating collection of wild orchids. Each variant, from the captivating Bee Orchid to the fragile Lady Orchid, narrates its own enchanting tale. Their ephemeral nature might suggest a fleeting presence, but their timeless allure lingers far beyond.


Wood Anemone (Credit: Ashley Cooper via Getty Images)

A list of May in-season flowers wouldn’t be complete without the radiant Anemones. Their silky petals, available in a spectrum of colours, encapsulate the joy and brightness of spring. Their presence is a testament to the vitality and energy that May exudes.

The Magic of May's Floral Show

English Cottage garden in May. (Credit: Photos by R A Kearton via Getty Images)

As we’ve seen, the in-season flowers May offers provide a remarkable array of colours, fragrances, and tales captured within petals. The diversity is nothing short of breathtaking, making May an undeniably enchanting period. At this time of the year, gardens across the UK become a bustling canvas of nature’s artistry, with each bloom playing a unique role in this grand symphony of life.

Whether you’re an avid gardener, a floral enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the world, May in the UK offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the magic of blooms. So, as the days grow longer and the air gets warmer, let’s celebrate and cherish the kaleidoscope of colours and scents that define the glorious month of May.


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