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8th December


About The Show

Dave and Jenny Marrs renovate classic homes in Bentonville, Arkansas. This creative couple transform the area’s historic houses for potential buyers.


Episode 1

Modern Cabin In The Woods

Dave and Jenny transform a family's dated lake house into a modern cabin. They use the surrounding lush forest as inspiration.

Episode 2

Family Home With Aussie Flair

Dave and Jenny update a couple's dull '80s rancher with some Aussie inspired touches. They give all the kids a special space of their own.

Episode 3

Dull House To Dazzling Home

Dave and Jenny transform a single mother's early 2000s home. Their smart and stylish design choices include a beautifully renovated kitchen.

Episode 4

Historic House Revival

Dave and Jenny help a couple who want to honour the history of their 100-year-old craftsman and make it a functional forever home for their family.

Episode 5

Family Farmhouse Restoration

Dave and Jenny transform a couple's inherited family home with a timeless renovation that includes meaningful nods to its rich history.

Episode 6

Giving Family, Sweet Upgrade

Dave and Jenny help a couple complete their long-delayed dream house remodel. They incorporate meaningful touches and a sweet surprise.

Episode 7

Rustic Cape Cod Reno

Dave and Jenny help two empty nesters upgrade their dated house. They transform the home with a rustic Cape Cod inspired look and add a few personal touches.

Episode 8

Historic Bank Turned Apartment

Dave and Jenny renovate a second-floor apartment in their historic Centerton building to create a space for friends and family to stay.

Episode 9

Historic Bank Into Mercantile

Dave and Jenny are in the final phase of their historic Centerton bank building renovation with the construction of a mercantile on the first floor.

Episode 10

Log Cabin Turns Forever Home

Dave and Jenny transform a couple's dark and drab lakeside log cabin into a relaxing retreat for the entire family.

Episode 11

Builder-Grade To Craftsman

Dave and Jenny turn a movie-loving couple's builder-grade house into a customised home that features a movie theatre in the attic.

Episode 12

Cottage Gets A Modern Upgrade

Dave and Jenny transform a couple's historic 1940s downtown Bentonville home. They give it a cosy and charming cottage-inspired look.

Episode 13

Century-Old Barn, Family Home

Dave and Jenny transform a couple's century-old barn into a modern gathering space where their entire family can come together.

Episode 14

Small House To Cozy Casita

Dave and Jenny help a couple with connections to Peru create their forever home with a Peruvian design-style, personal touches, and a chicken coop.

Episode 15

California Couple's Dream Home

Dave and Jenny look to transform a California couple's dated Arkansas rancher into a dream home with a unique kids' space.

Episode 16

Eccentric House To Modern Home

Dave and Jenny look to transform a family's eccentric interior with cosy, contemporary design elements that match their personal style.

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