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25th April


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Dave and Jenny Marrs renovate classic homes in Bentonville, Arkansas. This creative couple transform the area’s historic houses for potential buyers.


Episode 6

Lakeside House In The Trees

Dave and Jenny look to navigate the twists and turns of a family's three-storey lake house renovation that has definite safety concerns.

Episode 7

A Grand Makeover Meets The Marrs

A ballroom dancing California couple is ready for a renovation, and for the Marrs, it's their most grand and unique home yet.

Episode 2

Cozy Lake House Reno

Dave and Jenny look to transform an unusable backyard and create a cosy lakeside hangout with amazing views for a woman and her family in Rogers, Arkansas.

Episode 3

Drab Fixer To Charming Cottage

Dave and Jenny help a first-time homeowner create an English cottage style renovation that she can enjoy with her friends.

Episode 4

A Military Family Renovation

Dave and Jenny give a military family an unforgettable makeover. With deployment coming soon, they need to work against the clock to finish in time.

Episode 5

Historic Home Meets Potential

A young couple purchased a century old home and it is in desperate need of a revival. Dave and Jenny face big challenges as they bring it back to life.

Episode 15

A Worldwide Home Renovation

A couple who has lived in the same home for 29 years is ready for a renovation that includes items and memories from their world travels.

Episode 16

Marrs Family Farmhouse Renovation

It's a mix of emotions as the Marrs renovate their own family farmhouse. Dave and Jenny face the unexpected and embrace some big changes.

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