About The Show

Ashley Graham hosts as top home design and renovation experts and one celebrated chef transform a California home into a real-life Barbie Dreamhouse!


Episode 1

Barbie's First Floor Face-Off

The sixteen renovators kick off the competition! First up, it's Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson versus Jasmine Roth and Antonia Lofaso.

Episode 2

The Suite Life Of Barbie And Ken

Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin create Barbie's iconic bedroom suite. Meanwhile, Alison Victoria and Ty Pennington build a den for Ken.

Episode 3

Dream In Front, Party In Back

Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas add a giant feature to the front exterior to compete with Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt's backyard pink party pad.

Episode 4

Barbie's Pink Carpet Finale

Christina Hall and James Bender take on Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle. The finalists compete at a 'Pink Carpet' event and the winner is crowned!