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4th December


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Renowned designer Hilary Farr uses creative design solutions to help families whose dysfunctional houses are putting a strain on their relationships.


Episode 5

Toy Takeover

Nick and Nicky's home is cluttered with toys. Hilary gives them a new kitchen, creates bedrooms for each of their kids and even hides a bathroom in plain sight.

Episode 8

A Renovation Refresh

A couple's indecision has left their home a blank slate. Hilary helps them with their design perspective to create the layout they need.

Episode 1

Hilary's Dealt A Full House

Hilary takes on a couple's home and creates a living space that can accommodate large family gatherings and long-term stays.

Episode 2

Bachelor Pad, Be Gone!

Hilary redesigns Alex and Parker's disjointed home. She creates a new layout that allows for both individual passions and time together as a family.

Episode 3

Suite Retreat

Justin and Josh recently adopted two children and now, Josh's mother is moving in. Hilary sets out to create a suite for mum and space for group family time.

Episode 4

From Ukraine With Love

Amy and Max welcomed their niece and nephew from Ukraine into their home. Hilary redesigns a tight floorplan to create more space for the expanding family.

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