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20th May


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Home renovation expert Jennifer Todryk combines clever design and cost-saving ideas to create stunning home overhauls without any major demolition.


Episode 7

DIY Don't

A woman and her father have been trying to DIY her house for years, resulting in bad paint jobs and exposed floors. Now, they're ready to hand the reins over...

Episode 5

Fresh Start

A couple began renovations on their home when one of them suddenly passed away. Now, Jenn is taking the reins to help the widow finish their dream home.

Episode 1

Truth Bombs

Jenn helps a family that needs more space. She turns their 1960s home from cramped and cluttered to open and airy with an organic, modern design.

Episode 2

Porcelain Punch Up

Jenn helps a couple renovate their house in a casual and traditional style, but Jenn and Victor clash over some porcelain countertops.

Episode 3

Bachelor Pad

A man and his two sons move in together after the passing of their wife and mother. Jenn delivers a space that recognises the past while giving hope for the...

Episode 4

Tudor Is Cuter

After getting married, a couple bought a Tudor home, started a business, and had a baby. Jenn looks to heighten their Tudor vibe and create a cosy space.

Episode 6

Vegas Luxe

Jenn swoops in to help a busy family complete their DIY renovations, delivering his dream of a luxury Vegas bathroom with her love of coastal design.

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