Episode 1

Flip Or Flop: The Final Flip

Tarek and Christina have one final house to flip before they go their separate ways, and it's going to be one of their most challenging flips to date!

Episode 7

Takeover Flip

Tarek and Christina take over a project in Highland Park that the previous owner abandoned mid-flip. When they visit the house, it doesn't even have a roof!

Episode 8

Surf City Flip

Tarek and Christina head to Huntington Beach, California, to check out a large home in a nice neighbourhood. The home is dated but they have a modernisation plan.

Episode 9

Time Is Money

Tarek and Christina flip a small house with a large lot on a busy street in Yorba Linda, California. They decide to move fast - but will their bold decision...

Episode 10

Century Flip

Tarek and Christina take on a historic house in of Santa Ana, California. They face the challenges of modernising it while preserving the home's original charm.

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