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8th December


About The Show

Tarek and Christina buy homes at auction for cash – sometimes unseen – and then renovate and flip them for resale. Will they manage to make a profit?


Episode 3

Back To The Basics

Tarek and Christina find the perfect flip in Norwalk, California, but to avoid budget issues they'll need to rely on their experience to sell this house quickly.

Episode 4

Flashback Flip

Tarek and Christina head to Walnut, California, to flip a house that needs work. Can they make their mark, or have they gone too far outside of their comfort zone?

Episode 5

Take It Or Leave It

Tarek and Christina take on a house in Costa Mesa with major foundation problems. The amount of work needed to fix the issues could crack their budget wide open.

Episode 7

Takeover Flip

Tarek and Christina take over a project in Highland Park that the previous owner abandoned mid-flip. When they visit the house, it doesn't even have a roof!

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