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Chip and Jo return for new challenges and stunning home transformations. Having expanded their business and their family, they now juggle more while renovating.


Episode 1

A Neglected Home for Newlyweds

A couple fear the house they just bought has been neglected for too long. Can Chip and Jo transform this abandoned property into their dream home?

Episode 2

Planting Roots in Waco

Chip and Jo update a young professional's classic mid-century into a sleek modern home in Waco, TX. They add architectural elements of wood, metal and glass.

Episode 3

Modern Take On Old-World Charm

Chip and Jo help a first-time homeowner update her 1950s home with modern, cosy European influences. But a weather issue forces a change of design.

Episode 4

Girls' Home Reimagined

Chip and Jo bring what they love most about "home" into their redesign of a local shelter for girls, using their construction crew and favourite artisans.

Episode 5

From Beach to Woodsy Cottage

A California transplant wants to update her 1930s house in Waco, TX. Chip and Jo transform the home into a stunning cottage that highlights its history.

Episode 6

Mediterranean Money Pit

A couple want to transform a 1970s Mediterranean money pit into a Tuscan oasis for their family of three. Chip and Jo take on the difficult renovation.

Episode 7

From Scrappy Barn to Modern Charm

Chip and Jo help a husband-and-wife realtor team convert their old horse barn into a small apartment for their son while he's home from college.

Episode 8

Minty Green Flipper Upper

Chip purchases a minty green house on a whim with plans to flip it, but the unexpected interior damage might be more than he and Jo are ready to take...

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