Episode 1

Open House

Eleven elite miniaturists head to the Workshop to compete in building the ultimate miniature home. Which artist will impress the judges and come out on top?

Episode 2

Child's Play And Living Room

The artists delve deep into their childhoods for the mini challenge. Then they flex their incredible interior design skills to build the living room.

Episode 3

Blooms And Bathroom

The nine remaining miniaturists take on a mini flower challenge. Then they have eight hours to tackle a tiny bathroom task. Who will impress the judges?

Episode 4

Bookworms & Children's Room

The artists take on a mini challenge that is one for the books. Then they must find their inner child to create a fun kid's room. Who will be sent...

Episode 5

Cakes & Dining

The remaining miniaturists create tiny cakes for the mini challenge. Then they must create unforgettable dining rooms that will impress the judges.

Episode 6

Paintings & Office Work

The remaining artists get personal when they make a miniature inspired by loved ones. Then they build little offices that make working from home bearable.

Episode 7

Pillows & Beds

The six remaining miniaturists' sewing skills are put to the test when they must make pillows and a main bedroom fit for a pint-sized king or queen bed.

Episode 8

Critters And Kitchen

The artists have fun creating animals in miniature. But things heat up when they must build one of the most complex rooms in the house - the kitchen.

Episode 9

Sweet Surprise

It's the semi-final and the top four artists create something sweet before battling it out with their last room build. Which miniaturist will make it to the final?

Episode 10

Curb Appeal

In the season finale, the top three artists complete their miniature homes and face off to fight for the title of Best in Miniature and the grand prize of $10,000.

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