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13th December


About The Show

Home restoration expert Tamara Day loves taking on huge and overwhelming projects. She brings old and unloved houses back to life for families to enjoy.


Episode 1

Family Renovation Recipe

Tamara and her dad help a recent widow who loves to cook for her family design her dream kitchen, perfect for entertaining and large gatherings.

Episode 2

Total Tudor Victory

Tamara and her team transform a charming 1927 Tudor into a masterpiece, complete with a new, more comfortable, more functional and colourful kitchen.

Episode 3

Flat Out Fab!

Tamara partners with an investor to tackle a dated 1960s ranch in desperate need of a renovation. She and her team go all out with a stunning modern design.

Episode 4

Concrete Castle

Tamara and her dad help an investor face multiple challenges as they modernise a stone and concrete fortress of a house to make it ready to rent.

Episode 5

The Getaway Pad

Tamara works with an investor to take a dilapidated home built in 1910 and transform it into a fabulous downtown getaway pad.

Episode 6

Tee-riffic Renovation!

Tamara and her team rescue a young couple who have found their dream home on a golf course, but it has a rundown, outdated design.

Episode 7

Tip-Top Tudor

Tamara and her team bring a very beautiful, but dated, Tudor mansion back from the dead. They completely transform this stunning property.

Episode 8

Neighborhood Glow-Up

Tamara finds a decaying house that's falling apart in a sought-after neighbourhood. She works with a friend to give this bargain home the glow-up it deserves.

Episode 9

A Father's Fairytale Castle

A father wants to create a dream home that resembles a fairy-tale castle for his three daughters. This renovation is filled with unique design surprises.

Episode 10

Coffee And Tea In The Scullery

Tamara and her team leave no space untouched in this stunning home that's left full of colour and high-end detailed finishes.

Episode 11

The Palace On The Pond

A massive Tudor mansion located on a giant private pond gets a complete renovation with decadent finishes from Tamara and her team of experts.

Episode 12

Feeling Blue?

A once boring estate is completely transformed by Tamara and her team, who help new homeowners decorate their dream house in all shades of blue.

Episode 13

Mouse Pad

After finding an infestation of mice in their current home, the owners gut it. Tamara works her magic and transforms their mouse house into a critter-free oasis.

Episode 14

A Family Affair

It's all hands-on deck as Tamara enlists help from her father Ward, the kids, and cousins, as they work tirelessly to renovate her sister's house.

Episode 15

Manor Makeover

Tamara and her team take on a completely gutted estate and give it a makeover from top to bottom, transforming it into a European-styled chateau.

Episode 16

Next Generation Renovation

A family has taken over their grandfather's palatial estate. But before this new generation can move in, Tamara and her team need to update it.

Episode 17

Tuscan Mansion

Tamara and her team renovate a massive Tuscan estate that's trapped in the 1990s. They transform the tacky Tuscan train wreck into a modern mansion masterpiece.

Episode 18

The Basement Makes A Statement

Tamara and her team take an enormous inground basement and turn it into a stunning living space complete with a media room, bar, bedroom, and gym.

Episode 19

Making A Mansion

Tamara and the team combine the old with the new and help a young couple incorporate historic architectural design to their gorgeous home.

Episode 20

Rental Mansion Rehab

Tamara helps an investor transform a dated mansion into rental property gold! This gorgeous estate gets a complete facelift from the porch to the pool.

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