What Vegetables to Grow in September in the UK

It’s the end of summer, yet there’s a wide array of vegetables to grow in September. Want to know more? Read on.

21 December 2023

As summer rolls into autumn, temperatures drop and the rate of rainfall rises. While the leaves start falling from the trees, pears, apples, and autumn raspberries are ripe for the picking. Does that mean hanging up the spades and gloves? Far from it. If anything, it’s the time to look ahead, planning for spring and its potential harvest. The trick is choosing hardy variants that can face the winter. For those wanting a more immediate fix, there are fast, tough veggies to plant in September that revel in its cooler weather.

In other words, there is a good supply of vegetables to grow in September in the UK. And we’ve rounded up some of the best. So lettuce dive right in.

Winter Salad Leaves

Close up of green mustard leaves. (Credit: toeytoey2530 via Getty Images)

Leafy greens are among the best veg to plant in September, where they thrive in the cooler temperatures and offer quick harvests. Mustard leaf, winter salad mixes, and mizuna can be directly sown into sheltered spots in the garden or placed into pots, where they’ll soon provide spicy and flavourful additions to autumn salads.


Organically grown endive. (Credit: philipimage via Getty Images)

Speaking of winter salad vegetables to plant in September, the crisp, mildly bitter leaves of endive are delicious in salads, but can also be steamed, boiled or grilled. For those who prefer a more delicate flavour, they can even be blanched to take the edge off. Whether harvesting young leaves for continual yields or waiting just three months for them to mature, endive is a versatile autumn option.


Lettuce (Credit: Anna Mardo via Getty Images)

These crunchy, refreshing and bright leafy greens are just the veggies to plant in September. In fact, it’s the last month of the year when it’s possible. Now is the time to sow winter varieties, to ensure they can tuck in for the colder months ahead. A little protection might be in order as the cooler climate sets in, so cloches or cold frames are the order of the day.


Trimming rocket plant. (Credit: Nik West via Getty Images)

When it comes to fast, fiery, and unfussy veg to grow in September, rocket zooms to the top, rushing from seed to salad bowl with a peppery kick that’s sure to spice up any dish. Whether you’re sowing indoors for a winter harvest or getting the last outdoor sows under the wire in early September, this leafy green will be shooting up in no time, especially under the cosy cover of a cloche.


Closeup shot of spinach growing in a vegetable garden. (Credit: Moyo Studio via Getty Images)

An iron-clad fave of the autumn garden, spinach offers a wealth of leaves, which are as versatile as they are nutritious, making a leap from salad bowl to sauté pan with ease. The act of sowing spinach directly into the fertile ground pays dividends in both space and yield, making them some of the most productive of veg to plant in September.

Spring Onions

Spring Onions (Credit: Stefania Pelfini, La Waziya Photography via Getty Images)

Whether for slicing atop salads, seared as a side dish, or sprinkled on a stir fry, spring onions are perfect vegetables to plant in September in the UK. These slender veggies can slot into the smallest of spaces, and with a little protection from the harsher elements, they’ll be ready to add their delicate flavour to dishes come spring.


A cabbage, ready to be harvested. (Credit: Stephane Ouzounoff via Getty Images)

There seems to be a cabbage for every month and season. Indeed, it’s said that cabbage can be harvested throughout the year. As for veggies to plant in September, spring cabbages are the way to go, producing loose leaves then tender conical heads that’ll be good to go in the spring or summer.

Vegetables to Plant in September

Close up of fresh, green spinach leaves. (Credit: Elisa Ruiz / 500px via Getty Images)

As we’ve seen, the end of summer doesn’t mean that gardens go into hibernation. With a selection of hardy crops and a bit of seasonal savvy, there are plenty of veg to plant in September.


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