What Vegetables to Grow in November in the UK

Dark days and cold weather may not seem the ideal conditions for growing new things, but there are still a few choice vegetables to grow in November.

19 January 2024

There’s a long list of vegetables to harvest in November. From carrots to potatoes and cauliflower, they all reach their maturity in the eleventh month of the year. But what about veggies to plant in the UK in November? Surely it’s not the most bountiful month for gardening? Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean your garden has to be dormant.

While the options are limited compared to the peak growing season, there are still several vegetables to grow in November. In this article, we’ll explore the best choices for a late autumn garden. And we’ll provide tips on how to make the most of the garden during this transitional period.

Broad Beans

Freshly picked and shelled broad beans. (Credit: Jenny Dettrick via Getty Images)

For a crop that’s ready as early as the following May, the veg to plant in November is undoubtedly broad beans. Whether for soups, salads or stews, these compact veg are both tasty and versatile. It’s important to sow hardy varieties that can withstand the cold. Even then, they might benefit from being under cover, such as cloches or in an unheated greenhouse.


Fresh peas (Credit: Ally T via Getty Images)

The sweetest peas are the freshest peas and, while most are sown between February and June, there are several first early varieties that are perfect as veg to grow in November. In fact, sowing them indoors in late autumn can protect them from nibbling pests. One of the best-known November sowing peas is Meteor, which is a hardy dwarf variety that tends to mature at the end of May.

Bean Sprouts

A mound of bean sprouts. (Credit: Isabelle Rozenbaum via Getty Images)

With their crunchy pop and mild flavour, bean sprouts are a stir fry fave. They’re also ideal as veggies to plant in November, given that they can be grown indoors. After all, what better way to grow things all year round than being able to control everything from the temperature to the soil? What’s more, all they need to grow is a pile of wet tissues and darkness.


Closeup shot of spinach growing in a vegetable garden. (Credit: Moyo Studio via Getty Images)

A plethora of leafy greens thrive in cooler temperatures, thus qualifying them as veg to plant in November. For example, spinach is a hardy green that can withstand colder weather. Plant a hardy variety like Monterey indoors or under cover and within six or seven weeks, it’ll be ready to enjoy in salads or cooked dishes.


Microgreens being grown on a shelf at home. (Credit: Westend61 via Getty Images)

When it comes to veg to grow in November, think microgreens like cress, mustard, and kale shoots. Not only can these add a kick to any salad or sandwich, but they can be sown indoors.


Carrots in the garden (Credit: More86 via Getty Images)

Not all carrots are suitable as vegetables to plant in November, but cold-hardy varieties like Bangor make it a possibility and promise a harvest in late winter or early spring. Just give them a sunny spot in the greenhouse and they’ll get to work.

Winter Lettuce

Winter lettuce (Credit: joannatkaczuk via Getty Images)

There’s no reason that November should mean salad days are a thing of the past. By planting lettuce varieties like Arctic King, fresh greens can stay on the menu through the colder months.


Onions in a basket (Credit: VICUSCHKA via Getty Images)

As long as they’re planted in the right spot, onions are very much suited for overwintering. This generally means a place that’s not waterlogged, and most soils except heavy clay. From then on, they’re quite low maintenance, barely even needing to be watered, making them one of the easier vegetables to grow in November.


Garlic in a wicker basket (Credit: Thana Prasongsin via Getty Images)

Garlic is a relative of the onion and just as popular in modern cuisine, so it should perhaps be no surprise to discover that it too is a veg to plant in November. In fact, garlic is not only tolerant of the cooler climes of late autumn, but requires some time in cold weather to develop.

Tips for November Gardening

A net protected fruit garden (Photo: PhilDarby via iStock)

Picking the right veg to grow in November is vital in ensuring a successful harvest, but there are several ways to further improve the odds. For example, there are many ways to protect plants from the elements and from pests, whether in heated greenhouses, cold frames or under cloches or fleece. Along with this, it’s important to keep up with general garden maintenance such as weeding and watering. It’s also a good time to plan ahead, preparing garden beds and ordering seeds for the warmer months.

Vegetables to Plant in November

Freshly harvested onions. (Credit: andresr via Getty Images)

While the vegetable gardening options in November are limited compared to the warmer months, there are still plenty of choices to keep gardens productive and plates filled with fresh, homegrown produce. By selecting the right veggies to plant in November and implementing protective measures, gardeners can make the most of your late autumn garden and even set the stage for a successful early spring harvest.


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