What Vegetables to Grow in July in the UK

From fast growing roots to long term legumes, read on to discover the best vegetables to grow in the UK in July.

21 December 2023

The height of summer means more time in the garden, watering plants, banishing weeds and just enjoying the outdoors. Cucumbers, marrows and peppers are just some of the veg that might be ready to harvest. And there’s a slew of veggies just waiting to be planted this month, ready to add a blend of flavours, textures, and colours to the garden and the plate. The question is, which ones? Well, we’ve rooted out some options, so read on to discover some of the best vegetables to grow in July in the UK.


A bumper crop of Beetroots (Credit: Melanie Major via Getty Images)

Whether it’s boiled or baked, in salads, casseroles, or even cakes, beetroot is one versatile veg. It’s also amongst the most straightforward vegetables to grow in July. Tough, compact, and not often bothered by pests, there are even varieties designed to handle the heat without bolting. Offer them a sunny spot in well-drained soil, and they’ll be ready in autumn.


Carrots in the garden (Credit: More86 via Getty Images)

In 2016, a UK carrot measuring over 20 feet in height claimed the spot as the longest one ever recorded. And, while the common garden version is unlikely to reach such dizzying proportions, this sweet root has plenty else to recommend it as a veg to plant in July. For one thing, they’re low maintenance, needing minimal watering and perhaps a fleece cover to protect them from carrot flies. What’s more, they’re just as happy in the ground as they are in containers, and so fit into even smaller gardens. And anyone who thinks carrots are boring need only look to purple, white or yellow varieties for proof to the contrary.


Organically grown endive. (Credit: philipimage via Getty Images)

This frilly little lettuce is among the easiest vegetables to plant in July. Happiest in the sun but tolerant of shade, and content in any soil that’s not too dry or waterlogged, this is one unfussy customer.

Florence Fennel

Freshly harvested Florence Fennel. (Credit: David Burton via Getty Images)

A sweetshop-style treat that grows in the ground? Sign us up. Yes, Florence fennel is the vegetable famed for its liquorice-like flavour. And, with its love of warm weather, it’s also one of the best suited vegetables to plant in July. It’s not the easiest to get right, but the trick to this tricky veg is said to be in the watering.

French beans

Picking French beans in the vegetable garden (Credit: Cavan Images via Getty Images)

When it comes to French beans, it’s a choice between quick-growing dwarf varieties and the longer lasting climbing types. Both like the warm weather, making them an excellent choice of vegetables to plant in July. But bear in mind, they’re a thirsty crop, needing plenty of water.


Planting kohlrabi into the soil (Credit: Westend61 via Getty Images)

Just because Kohlrabi’s not found on the average supermarket veg aisle, doesn’t mean forgoing its crunchy sweetness. And the best way to ensure as much is to add it to your list of vegetables to grow in July. Watered generously, it produces baby leaves in six weeks and reaches full size in twelve.


Freshly harvested leeks. (Credit: Crispin la valiente via Getty Images)

Choosing the right veg to grow in the UK in July can mean having fresh greens in the depths of winter. Leeks are one such legume. Give them a sunny plot and protect them from pests, and you’ll be rewarded with their mild, onion-like flavour when the colder months roll in.


Planting lettuce seedlings in dark fertile soil (Credit: 24K-Production via Getty Images)

With an array of types and tastes, lettuces are versatile vegetables to plant in July. They grow quickly and can be sown successively for a constant supply.

Salad Radish

Picking a radish from the garden (Credit: Emily Suzanne McDonald via Getty Images)

Ready in as little as four weeks, radishes are the veg to grow in July for a quick turnaround. They’re also perfect for beginners. In fact, their Latin name, Raphanus sativus, derives from the Greek phrase meaning “easily reared.”

Pak choi

Pak Choi (also known as bok choy) plants growing in vegetable garden (Credit: CreativeFire via Getty Images)

Pak choi grows rapidly, making it a great veg to plant in July for a speedy return. It needs plenty of water and enjoys both sunny and partially shaded positions in the garden. Choose a variety like ‘Glacier’ to withstand the unpredictable UK weather.

Vegetables to Plant in July

Carrots (Photo: Roy Morsch via Getty Images)

July is not only the heart of the British summer but also a time filled with potential for gardeners. Choosing the right veggies to plant in July ensures a garden that’s as productive as it is beautiful.


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