What to Plant in November in the UK

Looking to know what seeds to plant in November or what flowers to plant in November? Let’s “leaf” through the options.

5 September 2023

With the approach of winter, one might assume that it’s time to hunker down and hibernate; that colder weather means only protecting what’s already there rather than planting. But this is no time to let flower beds rest on their laurels. In fact, anyone in the UK asking “what can I plant in November?” is in for a treat.

There’s a select range of vegetables, flowers, and bulbs that can be planted in the UK in November. These plants will brave the cold, offering rewards in the coming seasons. Dive in as we unveil these cold-weather champions.

Garden Maintenance in November

Frost covers a garden in November. (Credit: Kinga Krzeminska via Getty Images)

Your November garden might appear calm, but beneath the surface, it’s bustling with life. Preparing the soil for frost, mulching, and protecting delicate plants from cold snaps are pivotal tasks. Before we journey into what seeds to plant in November, recognise that warding off slugs and snails from your winter greens is crucial.

November is a month of preparation and reflection. The russet leaves may be dropping, but they can be turned into valuable leaf mould for future seasons. As plants go dormant, focus shifts to soil health and planning for the next year’s crops.

What Can I Plant in November?

Light frost covers plants during the winter season. (Credit: ligora via Getty Images)

You might be surprised, but November isn’t just a month to wrap things up. It’s a month of beginnings too. Figuring out what to plant in November requires understanding which plants can withstand the UK’s colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours.

What Seeds to Plant in November

Broad beans being planted in garden soil. (Credit: nadiasphoto via Getty Images)

If you’re scratching your head about what seeds to plant in November, consider hardy vegetables like broad beans and peas, which are perfect for overwintering. Garlic and onions, too, are ideal candidates, setting down roots now to flourish come spring. A variety of winter salads, like winter lettuce and land cress, can also brave the cold.

What Flowers to Plant in November

Winter to spring flowering Pansy Ruffles plants. (Credit: PaulMaguire via Getty Images)

Sweet peas in pots, winter-flowering pansies, and hardy cyclamen are just some of the answers to the question of what flowers to plant in November. And remember to cover any planting containers to keep out snails and slugs.

What Bulbs to Plant in November

Tulip bulbs being planted. (Credit: OlgaPonomarenko via Getty Images)

Pondering what bulbs to plant in November? It’s your last chance to plant tulips to ensure a radiant display in spring. Other bulbs suitable for November planting include alliums and lilies. Remember, bulbs in November require well-drained soil to prevent rotting in the damp conditions. If your garden has a tendency to retain water, consider planting bulbs in raised beds or pots.

Get Chilly Indoors

A young woman takes a chilli from her potted plant growing in her kitchen. (Credit: Betsie Van der Meer via Getty Images)

Still want to know “what can I plant in November,” but don’t fancy facing the chill? Plant chilli peppers indoors. Varieties like Medusa and Apache can be planted year round. Just provide them with a sunny windowsill.

What to Plant in November

Frosty early morning in the garden. (Credit: Sophie Shoults via Getty Images)

So that’s a brief guide of what to plant in November for UK gardeners. We hope you found it “peas”ing. As we’ve seen, a November garden is one full of promise.


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