What to Plant in March in the UK

As we shake off the shackles of winter and the days slowly begin to grow longer, gardeners across the UK are asking ‘what can I plant in March?’ Let’s take a look at what to plant in March, the jobs that need doing now the leaves are unfurling and we’ll give you the lowdown on what flowers to plant in March.

3 July 2023

March heralds the arrival of spring and a verdant awakening in gardens. Whether you’re new to the world of horticulture or a seasoned pro, March is a time of anticipation and preparation, offering an array of fruits, flowers, plants, and vegetables ready to stake their claim in your beds, pots and greenhouses. There’s no single answer to the question ‘what can I plant in March’, there’s an eclectic mix for everyone.

So roll up your sleeves and put on your gardening gloves. There’s a beautiful medley of life waiting to burst forth from your garden. In this article, we’ll discover what seeds to plant in March in the UK, from fabulously fragrant flowers and their carpets of colour to a variety of vitamin-rich vegetables.

It’s worth noting that when deciding what to plant in the UK in March, planting times can vary depending on the climate, weather, and soil conditions in different parts of the country, or even in different parts of a garden. For example, in colder areas, frost might still be a risk in March, which could harm certain plants if they’re planted too early.

Garden Maintenance in March

Birds taking an afternoon bath (Credit: DESPITE STRAIGHT LINES (Paul Williams) via Getty Images)

You’ll be busier in the garden in March than you were through the winter months so you’ll need a compost bin. Some local councils provide a bin for organic garden waste but if yours doesn’t you may have to buy – or build – one. If you have an open compost heap, aerate it, but be careful you don’t disturb hibernating hedgehogs or other small creatures.

If the grass is dry, you can do your first cut of the year, and if you’ve got a pond, don’t forget to feed the fish. Also, keep your bird bath topped up and provide food for birds and squirrels.

Before you decide what bulbs to plant in March, turn your soil over and add compost or well-rotted manure. The organic material will awaken billions of micro-organisms that keep the soil healthy and fertile.

What to Plant in March - Vegetables

A tomato plant ready to be planted into the soil. (Credit: mikroman6 via Getty Images)

You can sow peas and broad beans into the soil or in a cold frame if you have one. If the weather is mild enough, you can plant carrots in March for an early June crop. Leeks take a while to grow so it’s a good idea to start them off early, and you can carry on chitting your potatoes – placing the seeds in a cool, light place to encourage sprouting before planting.

March is the perfect month to start germinating herbs such as dill, parsley, basil and coriander in a greenhouse or on a warm windowsill ready to be planted out around May.

Like carrots, tomatoes can be planted outside if you’re sure the frost won’t return and – believe it or not – you can start your Christmas brussel sprouts now as they can take up to thirty-five weeks to be ready for harvest.

What seeds to plant in March is all about personal choice, but this month you can sow beetroot, chicory, kohlrabi, Swiss chard and spinach. You can also plant kale, and cabbage varieties such as Champion for late summer or early autumn cropping.

Sowing & Growing Fruit in March

Strawberry plants in the garden (Credit: Fabia-Photography via Getty Images)

You can plant strawberries in March for a harvest in early summer and if you’re short on space, they can be grown in containers or even in hanging baskets.

If you’re choosing what to plant in March, bare-root raspberry bushes shouldn’t really be planted any later than the end of the month and the same goes for pear trees.

Rhubarb can be planted in fertile soil and like in February, you can plant stone-fruit trees such as plum trees, cherry trees and apricot trees.

What Flowers to Plant in March

Wildflowers in spring (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Beautiful begonias are a great choice when selecting what bulbs to plant in March, and canna lilies are vibrant perennials that grow wonderful shades of oranges, pinks and reds.

Agapanthus, often called Lily of the Nile, are bright blue beauties, while you can also plant pot marigolds and dahlias.

One of the best answers to the question ‘what can I plant in March’ has to be wildflowers. Not only do they look fantastic, they are incredibly wildlife-friendly just when the pollinators are coming out to play.

Another option to consider is to plant bare-root roses, and March may be the last opportunity to get them in the ground during their dormant season.

For a wonderful array of summer blooms, begonias, polyanthus lilies, peacock orchids and gladiolus can all be planted in March.


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