What to Plant in August in the UK

When it comes to what seeds to plant in August or what flowers to plant in August, we’ve got the top of the crops, so “reed” on.

27 July 2023

As the sun beats down in the late British summer, you might be wondering: “What can I plant in August?” After all, summer is generally considered a time for harvest and maintenance. But does that mean there’s no room for planting? Not at all.

In fact, there’s a surprising array of vegetables, flowers, and bulbs that can be planted in the UK during the eighth month, taking advantage of the warm soil and ensuring a productive autumn and spring harvest. So read on, as we reveal some of the best.

Garden Maintenance in August

Curly kale plants inside netting in a garden on a raised bed. (Credit: Petra Richli via Getty Images)

Your garden in August can feel like a tropical paradise, but it’s no holiday for the plants. Balancing the need for water during the dry spells, while managing pests and weeds is a challenge. Before we delve into what seeds to plant in August in the UK, it’s vital to understand the importance of regular watering and pest management. Tomatoes, root vegetables, and runner beans, for instance, can suffer if they don’t receive consistent hydration.

But August isn’t just about tending to the needs of your existing garden. It’s also about enjoying the fruits of your labour. Expect a delightful harvest of blueberries, gooseberries, carrots, runner beans, beetroot, cucumbers, courgettes, and more. And of course, keep an eye out for those pesky weeds and pests that can threaten your garden’s health.

What can I Plant in August? Seeding the Future

Planting lettuce seedlings in dark fertile soil (Credit: 24K-Production via Getty Images)

Despite its reputation, August is more than just a month for harvesting. It’s also an excellent time to start planting seeds, bulbs, and young plants. Be it a quick-sprouting lettuce or a sturdy annual flower for next year’s bloom, deciding what to plant in August can set the stage for a beautiful spring and summer next year.

What Seeds to Plant in August

Picking a radish from the garden (Credit: Emily Suzanne McDonald via Getty Images)

If you’re wondering what seeds to plant in August, think quick-maturing salad crops like chicory, radish, summer lettuce, rocket, and sorrel. Longer-term plants like spring cabbage, turnips, and overwintering onions can also be sown in August. And of course, for an October feast, you can sow kohlrabi early in August.

What Flowers to Plant in August

A bee collects nectar from an orange calendula flower. (Credit: redrex via Getty Images)

On the lookout for what flowers to plant in August? Add a splash of colour to your garden with the sunny Calendula or the rich Cornflowers. Hardy annuals like California poppies or forget-me-nots sown in August will add a splash of vibrant colour to your spring garden. And for a bit of intrigue, try the wild carrot in a sunny, well-drained spot.

What Bulbs to Plant in August

A garden trowel with daffodil bulbs being planted. (Credit: lucentius via Getty Images)

What bulbs to plant in August, you ask? Daffodils and autumn flowering Crocuses can be planted in late summer to burst into bloom in the chilly spring or autumn mornings.

Bulbs are typically low-maintenance and great for beginners. Just remember to plant them at the right depth in well-drained soil. Heavy, waterlogged soil can lead to bulb rot. If you’re dealing with compact soil, don’t forget to ‘aerate’ or loosen the soil to allow air in.

What to Plant in August

Poppy heads erupting with poppy seeds. (Credit: tiborgartner via Getty Images)

Now you’re armed with the knowledge of what to plant in August. It’s also the perfect time to collect seeds from your garden, such as campions and poppies, for later planting. By carefully selecting the right seeds, bulbs, and flowers to plant in August, you can keep your garden vibrant, ensuring a bountiful autumn harvest and a head start on spring.


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