Flowers in Season in September in the UK

As summer makes way for autumn, there are exciting transitions in any UK garden. So wellies on as we explore the wonderful array of flowers in season in September.

5 September 2023

With its mild temperatures and soft sunlight, the ninth calendar month is a fascinating time for horticulture in the UK. As summer makes its graceful exit, gardens continue to thrive with an array of blooms. These floral wonders span across shades from deep purples to fiery reds. And for those keen on particular hues, there are pink, white, and even blue flowers available in September.

Beyond just their visual allure, these blooms represent a beautiful paradox. As many natural elements prepare for dormancy and rest, these flowers burst forth in defiant vibrancy, symbolising nature’s persistence and ever-changing rhythm. Their blooms are not just a feast for the eyes but a poignant reminder of the cyclical dance of life, where even as one chapter closes, another unfolds in full splendour.

So let’s find out more and dig for specifics, as we unearth the exciting mix of September in-season flowers.


Soft pink coloured 'Pompon' Dahlia flowers. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Front and centre of the flowers in season in September is the Dahlia. With its stunning petal geometry and passionate shades, its presence in gardens and on tabletops alike cannot but captivate.


White hydrangea flowers. (Credit: By Eve Livesey via Getty Images)

There’s no need to worry about adding a splash of colour when the Hydrangea is an option. This deciduous shrub makes white, pink, purple and blue flowers available in September.


Clematis flowers. (Credit: Clive Nichols via Getty Images)

The serenading vines and starry blossoms of the Clematis weave a tale of charm among the flowers that are in season in September in the UK. Its colour spectrum, from enchanting purples to romantic pinks, swathes gardens in a fairy-tale glow.


Chrysanthemum flowers. (Credit: Clive Nichols via Getty Images)

September marks the beginning of the period where Chrysanthemums bloom, making them popular plants for both autumn and winter interest. Their myriad colours and long-lasting nature cement their place among the favourite in-season flowers September brings.


Nerine flowers. (Credit: Moonstone Images via Getty Images)

Bright and bold with slender petals and vibrant shades, Nerines are a guaranteed showstopper among flowers in season in September.


Pink and lilac veronica flowers. (Credit: Alex Manders via Getty Images)

Seeking stature and texture? Veronicas rise to the occasion. Their tall, slender blooms, painted in hues from moody blues to delicate pinks, make them a coveted addition among flowers that are in season in September.

Other September Blooms

Achillea flowers. (Credit: Aldo Pavan via Getty Images)

But wait, September’s floral tapestry is richer still. Stars like Achillea, Crocosmia, Daucus, Helenium, Phalaenopsis, and beyond, all add their unique brushstrokes to the vivid canvas of in-season flowers September generously displays.

Flowers in Season in September

Pink and white cosmos and dahlia flowers in an English September garden. (Credit: Rosemary Calvert via Getty Images)

The profusion of flowers that are in season in September in the UK is awe-inspiring. From tall, regal flowers to those with intricate designs, the myriad of September in-season flowers celebrates the shift from summer to autumn. From the regal bearing of the tall Veronica to the intricate designs of the Dahlia, the transition from summer to autumn isn’t just marked by falling leaves and cooler temperatures, but also by the riot of colours that September flowers bring. It’s a month where the garden, in all its glory, bridges the vivacity of summer with the contemplative beauty of autumn.


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