Flowers in Season in October in the UK

With all traces of summer faded away, the wonderful array of flowers in season in October in the UK expands and enhances the autumn colour palette. Want to know more? Let’s dig in.

5 September 2023

As the sun-drenched memories of summer fade, the flowers in season in October arrive with a vivid burst, showcasing a spectrum of vibrant hues. Dream of rosy pinks, sunny yellows, and for those with a penchant for the unique, there are even blue flowers available in October.

The shorter days and cooler nights of October weave a magic, coaxing out blossoms that thrive in the gentle embrace of Autumn. As leaves start to paint the landscapes with shades of amber, russet, and gold, the flowers of October rise to meet them, offering a symphony of colours that dance in harmony with the changing season.

Ready to journey through this autumnal wonder? Let’s step into the garden.


White hydrangea flowers. (Credit: By Eve Livesey via Getty Images)

Front and centre among the flowers in season in October, the Hydrangea demands attention. These bold shrubs present opulent blooms in an array of whites, pinks, purples, and blues, encapsulating this month’s vibrant spirit.

Rosa 'Desdemona'

Cluster of white English rose “Desdemona” blooms. (Credit: Gary Matuschka via Getty Images)

One of the most romantic flowers that are in season in October in the UK is Rosa ‘Desdemona’. This fragrant rose variety boasts large, double white blooms with a hint of pink at the centre, making it hard not to fall for this autumnal rose.


Autumn flowering purple Aster. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Dive deeper into the realm of flowers that are in season in October, and you’ll be greeted by Asters. These perennial wonders bloom in vibrant shades of white, pink, and purple, even making blue flowers available in October. With daisy-like allure, they’re a butterfly’s delight and a garden’s pride.

Cyclamen hederifolium

Pink cyclamen hederifolium autumn flowers. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Of the in-season flowers October brings, Cyclamen hederifolium holds a special charm. These low-lying blooms of the Primulaceae family, with their unique pink or white nodding flowers and marbled leaves, seem like nature’s own artwork.

Rose campion

Rose campions. (Credit: Taiftin via Getty Images)

For those seeking drama from their October in-season flowers, rose campions stand ready. Their magenta brilliance paired with silver-grey foliage makes them an unforgettable sight in any garden.


Vibrant pink and white summer flowering Cosmos flowers. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Cosmos, among the coveted flowers in season in October, sway with a soft, ethereal beauty. Their daisy-inspired blooms, available in whites, pinks, and reds, bring a touch of lightness to the autumn garden.


Rudbeckia flowers. (Credit: Steve Cicero via Getty Images)

Widely known as black-eyed Susan, Rudbeckia is a cherished name among flowers that are in season in October. Their cheerful yellow or orange petals surround a dark centre, spreading joy on crisp October days.


Nerine flowers. (Credit: Moonstone Images via Getty Images)

With their slender lily-inspired petals, nerines are undeniably some of the most striking in-season flowers October has to offer for the UK garden. Their pink or white hues infuse elegance, whether in the garden or gracing a bouquet.


Chrysanthemum flowers. (Credit: Clive Nichols via Getty Images)

Chrysanthemums, those perennial favourites, are classic October in-season flowers. Their vast range of colours and shapes ensure they remain a top choice for both gardens and floral arrangements.


Close-up image of the vibrant summer flowering Crocosmia. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Rounding off our list of flowers that are in season in the UK during October, Crocosmias ignite the garden with their fiery red and orange hues, reminding us of the warm heart of autumn even as temperatures dip.

Flowers in Season in October

October English garden, full of flowers. (Credit: Rosemary Calvert via Getty Images)

As the hues of the leaves begin their transformation and the crisp, cooler air settles in, the United Kingdom witnesses an enchanting floral display, making October a month of unique beauty. The UK’s flowers in season in October are therefore nothing short of spectacular. From bold, attention-grabbing blossoms to the tender whispers of delicate blooms, the array of October in season flowers paints a portrait of autumn’s diverse beauty.

From the opulent blossoms of Rosa ‘Desdemona’ and the autumnal allure of Cyclamen hederifolium to the fiery bursts of Crocosmias, gardens come alive with a palette that competes with the vibrant fall foliage. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or someone who simply enjoys the tranquillity of nature, the UK’s October gardens promise a wonderful array of variety.


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