Flowers in Season in August in the UK

The eighth month of the year heralds the vibrant late summer phase. So let’s revel in nature’s bloom and discover the wonderful flowers in season in August in the UK.

5 September 2023

With its warm, lengthy days and golden sunsets, August is a time of abundance for flowers. An assortment of blossoms burst forth in this season, painting gardens with a spectrum of colours ranging from white to deep red. There’s even a variety of blue flowers available in August. So let’s delve into the beauty of August in-season flowers the UK has to offer.


White hydrangea flowers. (Credit: By Eve Livesey via Getty Images)

A fan favourite, Hydrangea brightens up gardens with their large, often spherical blooms. One can find them in a multitude of shades, including blues, pinks, and purples. Among the flowers in season in August, the Hydrangea stands out both for its size and its vibrant colour palette.


Soft pink coloured 'Pompon' Dahlia flowers. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

These captivating blooms come in a wealth of shapes and colours, making them a versatile choice for any garden. And, with their complex layers and patterns, Dahlias are undoubtedly one of the most distinctive flowers that are in season in August.


Clematis flowers. (Credit: Clive Nichols via Getty Images)

These climbing plants are known for their star-shaped blossoms. Their flowers, which can be single or double, come in various hues including purples, pinks, and whites. A true gem among in-season flowers August offers UK gardeners, Clematis adds vertical beauty to any garden space.


Delphinium flowers. (Credit: Tim Stocker Photography via Getty Images)

For those seeking blue flowers available in August, Delphiniums are a must. With their tall spires of delicate flowers, they can bring a touch of the sky to any garden. Their towering presence and bright blue blossoms make them a striking feature.


White lily flowers. (Credit: Yulia Naumenko via Getty Images)

Lilies, with their trumpet-shaped blooms and captivating scents, are a staple in many gardens. These flowers that are in season in August can range in colour from pristine whites to fiery reds.


Pink rose flowers. (Credit: Clive Nichols via Getty Images)

Few flowers are as iconic as the Rose, and both climbers to shrub roses have flowers in season in August. Rosa, a category within the Rose family, boasts equally enchanting blooms. As August in-season flowers, they continue to enchant with their timeless beauty.


Vibrant pink and white summer flowering Cosmos flowers. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Elegant and simple, Cosmos dance in the summer breeze with their dainty, petalled blooms. Ranging from white to pink to deep purple, they’re a delightful addition to the in-season flowers August has on its roster.


Pink and lilac veronica flowers. (Credit: Alex Manders via Getty Images)

Spike-like and vivid, Veronica flowers are not just visually enticing but also attract a plethora of beneficial insects. Their tall, slender stalks adorned with tiny petals make them a unique presence among August in-season flowers.


Rudbeckia flowers. (Credit: Steve Cicero via Getty Images)

A garden’s brightness is never complete without Rudbeckias. With their golden-yellow petals surrounding a prominent dark centre, they’re one of the in-season flowers August boasts. Their vibrant appearance will certainly turn heads and make a garden feel warm and welcoming.


Close-up image of the vibrant summer flowering Crocosmia. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Crocosmia, with its arching stems and tubular flowers, is yet another lovely addition to a UK summer garden. These South African natives come in bright red, orange, or yellow, making them stand out amongst other blue flowers available in August.

Other August Blooms

A flowering lepidium draba. (Credit: sandra standbridge via Getty Images)

The list doesn’t end there. St. John’s Wort, with its starry flowers; Lepidium, known for its delicate clusters; Nerine, with its spider-like flowers; and scabious, popularly known as pincushion flowers, all have their moment to shine in August.

Flowers in Season in August

A British country garden in August. (Credit: Photos by R A Kearton via Getty Images)

The diversity and beauty of flowers that are in season in August in the UK are awe-inspiring. From tall, majestic blooms to delicate, dainty flowers, the spectrum of August in-season flowers is a testament to nature’s bounty. Each bloom, with its unique hue and shape, tells a story of the summer’s progression, celebrating the peak of nature’s vitality before the onset of autumn. From the towering presence of the Delphinium to the dainty dance of the Cosmos in the summer breeze, each contributes its own charm, painting a diverse and beautiful landscape.

The mosaic of colours, from pristine whites to fiery reds, not only highlights the vibrancy of this time of the year, but also underscores the richness of the UK’s horticultural heritage. The range and splendour of flowers in season during August in the UK are emblematic of the abundance and wonder the nation’s gardens can provide.


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