Flowers in Season in April in the UK

The fourth month of the year represents the very height of spring in the UK. So let’s put the petal to the metal and discover the flowers in season in April.

5 September 2023

With its welcoming warmth and famous showers, April in the UK is the ideal time of year for flowers. And indeed, an array of blooms unfurl at this, the peak of spring. Gardens take on a cornucopia of hues, from white and pink to yellow and beyond. There are even a variety of blue flowers available in April. So let’s dig in and discover the in-season flowers April is known for.


Spring yellow Daffodils. (Credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Spring has truly sprung, as have gardens all around the UK, with horticulturalists reaping the benefits of planning their planters. But of all the flowers in season in April there is one iconic bloom that is found as easily in the wild as carefully tended. Yes, we refer to the daffodil. With their buttery bright yellow colour and, as William Wordsworth immortalised, their fondness for amassing in “crowds”, it’s hard to feel lonely as a cloud when “in such a jocund company”.


A close-up view of tulip merlot blooms. (Credit: © Ian Laker Photography via Getty Images)

With their staggering array of colours and shapes, it’s hard to class tulips as just one of the types of flowers in season in April. From the most pastel of pinks to the fiercest of reds and the deepest purples, with shapes ranging from fringed to lily and parrot, these are some of the most diverse in-season flowers April has to offer.

Marsh Marigold

Cowslip or Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris). (Credit: Ed Reschke via Getty Images)

Caltha palustris, better known as marsh marigold, is a buttercup-like flower that thrives in wet conditions. That’s why this example of flowers in season in April is often found around ponds.


Rhododendron flowers. (Credit: mikroman6 via Getty Images)

Other than a predilection for acid soil, Rhododendron shrubs are on the lower end of the fussiness scale. This, along with their vibrantly coloured blooms, makes them a popular choice for gardens around the UK. While some blossom from as early as autumn and into mid-summer, there are plenty of varieties of Rhododendron flowers that are in season in April. Among these are the pretty pink funnels of the Countess of Haddington variety and the opulent Rhododendron fulvum.


Trillium flower. (Credit: Ed Reschke via Getty Images)

Also known as wake robin, trilliums are not the easiest to grow, but once established, are a pretty and delicate range of April in-season flowers. As the “tri” in the name implies, this flower is all about the power of three, with three petals on each step sitting atop three leaves.


Spring hyacinth flowers (Credit: PaulMaguire via Getty Images)

From borders to beds, pots to rock beds, Hyacinths are a common sight in spring. And for those seeking blue flowers available in April, there’s a surprisingly wide variety available, from delft blue and blue diamond to blue star.


Grape hyacinths. (Credit: Lisa Stokes via Getty Images)

They are known as a grape hyacinth, but Muscari are actually part of the Lily family. They’re also another great example of blue flowers available in April.

In-Season Flowers April has to Offer

English country garden on a sunny spring day in April. (Credit: Rosemary Calvert via Getty Images)

As the days lengthen and warmth permeates the air, April unveils a symphony of colour and fragrance in gardens across the UK. And so, for UK gardeners, there’s an array of flowers that are in season in April. As we’ve seen, not only are there many families of April in-season flowers, but seemingly endless varieties of each.

The sheer variety of flowers in bloom during this month is nothing short of astonishing. From the iconic yellow of daffodils, reminiscent of the first true warmth of the year, to the deep blues of hyacinths and Muscari, April is a testament to nature’s artistry. Each flower, with its unique character and story, contributes to the tapestry of spring, beckoning pollinators and captivating garden enthusiasts alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or a casual observer, the blossoms of April offer a refreshing reminder of nature’s cyclical beauty and the promise of the seasons to come. As we wrap up our exploration of April’s floral wonders, it’s clear that this month holds a special place in the heart of the gardening calendar, showcasing the resplendent diversity and beauty of the plant kingdom.


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