Scrapbooking Ideas: Tips, Techniques, and Inspiration

Scrapbook design is a wonderfully creative outlet that lets you express yourself, capture memories and create something truly unique. The joy and satisfaction that comes with putting together a beautiful album filled with your favourite photos and mementos is hard to beat. Read on for some incredible scrapbook design ideas.

3 July 2023

For millions of people around the world, scrapbook design is the perfect way to preserve memories and tell stories in a creative, personal and artistic way. With so many options for paper, embellishments, and other materials, the possibilities for creating a unique and aesthetic design for scrapbook-making are truly endless. From birthdays and holidays to weddings and everyday moments, we’ve got some great scrapbook page ideas for every occasion.

Today, our memories are on our phones, in message threads and in our social media stories, but will you be able to look back on them in years to come like you can with a physical scrapbook?

In this article, we’ll give you some great tips and techniques to help you take your scrapbooking to the next level. Whether you’re looking to improve your design skills, incorporate new materials, or simply find some inspiration, we’ve got you covered. So grab your scissors, paper, and glue, and let’s get started on creating some truly special scrapbooking ideas.

In fact just before we start, it’s worth saying that these scrapbook design ideas and tips are just that – ideas and tips. The beauty of scrapbooking is that you can do whatever you like, the more creative you are, the better!

Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me A Map…

Scrapbooking around the map of New York City. (Credit: natalie-claude via Getty Images)

A great aesthetic design for scrapbook makers, especially scrapbooks from holidays, is to cover some of the pages in maps of where you’ve been. You can add arrows pointing to specific locations you’ve visited or use it as a backdrop and cover the pages with photos, plane tickets or other memories from your trip.

It’s Hip To Be Square

Collection of polaroid travel holiday photos in a scrapbook. (Credit: Gary Yeowell via Getty Images)

Since the dawn of time (at least since we’ve been developing photos), our beloved snaps are mostly Polaroid-square or the standard 6in x 4in size (roughly 10cm x 15cm), but no more! A fun – if a little fiddly – scrapbook design is to cut your photos into new and funky shapes. You can create hexagons so they tessellate or if you’re feeling particularly creative, try and cut them into letters or even the outline of the country you visited!

Wrappers Delight

Antique letter envelope with wax seal and postmarks, perfect for a scrapbook. (Credit: mmello via Getty Images)

When the serious scrapbooker gets home from holiday, the carefully kept mementos are taken out and organised long before the clothes go in the wash! So where do you keep the small items like receipts, bus tickets or the hotel card? One of the fun scrapbooking ideas is to stick a cool-looking envelope – you can even make and design it yourself – to your page layout where you can keep all the little things safe.

Letter From America

Cut-outs from newspapers and magazines (Credit: Ulyana Moskalchuk via Getty Images)

Scrapbook design ideas shouldn’t just be limited to the content of the page, the titles are just as important. One idea is to use cut-out letters from magazines or newspapers as the page titles or even cut-out words to use as photo captions or notes. It’s time consuming but worth it for the aesthetic look and feel of your scrapbook.

All I Wanna Do

A scrapbook being made on a table (Credit: Westend61 via Getty Images)

Creating scrapbooks is a great way to remember all the amazing things you’ve done, the awesome places you’ve been and the fascinating people you’ve met. It’s also a great way to remind yourself of all the things you want to do in the future. Creative scrapbook page ideas with drawings or pictures of your wish list are a fab way to discover the things you’d like to do – a parachute jump, eat tapas in Madrid, go to a music festival – whatever you like!

Me, Myself & I

Scrapbook memories (Credit: Tim Kitchen via Getty Images)

While you’re focused on scrapbook design ideas to keep your memories safe, the people looking at it in the future will want to know all about who made the scrapbook they’re holding! And future you will definitely want to remember what you were like all those years ago – or maybe you won’t! At the front of your scrapbook, how about a page with some great images and fun, random facts about you, like your go-to karaoke song, dream job, a skill you’d like to learn, your favourite word or book or movie, your prized possession or your perfect five famous person dinner party!


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