Polymer Clay Projects for Crafting Enthusiasts

In the vast world of crafting, few endeavours capture the imagination like polymer clay crafts. Polymer clay is so versatile, you can make anything you like, from jewellery and beads to accessories, dishes and keyrings. It’s time to get creative with some super-cool modelling clay ideas!

21 August 2023

These cute polymer clay ideas are whimsical and enjoyable for everyone, from the kids having fun on a rainy Sunday afternoon to seasoned crafters.

Whether you’re sculpting fabulous figurines, designing intricate jewellery, or dreaming up home décor pieces, these polymer clay crafts are versatile, relatively inexpensive and above all, amazing fun!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a part-time hobbyist or a full-time artist, these modelling clay ideas are for everyone!

What is Polymer Clay?

Colourful polymer modeling clay. (Credit: Alexander Udavihin via Getty Images)

Polymer clay is a man-made substance created from a plastic, PVC base. It’s extremely malleable and can be shaped into almost anything you like. Unlike traditional clay, that needs an extremely high-temperature kiln to harden, polymer clay can be hardened in a home oven.

It’s relatively inexpensive and available in dozens of colours in hobby and craft shops. And the best bit about polymer clay crafts is that all you need is your imagination!

Just a quick word of caution before we start. Some types of polymer clay are not recommended for use by children, it’s worth noting that young children should always be supervised while crafting. Other polymer clay projects use paint, glue, crafting knives and other bits and bobs from the toolbox so please take care and make sure an adult looks after these jobs. It may also be advisable to clean your oven after baking polymer due to the possibility of toxic residue being left.

7 Brilliant Polymer Clay Ideas

Cutting polymer clay. (Credit: draganab via Getty Images)

Depending on the projects you’re making you may need some of all of the following tools –


You can get special polymer clay cutters, or you can use cookie cutters or anything that will give you the desired shape.

Acrylic Rolling Pin

Smooth clay is usually easier to work with but make sure you clean the rolling pin before you bake your next cake!


These are things like hooks, rings or earring pins to attach to what you’ve made.

One thing to be aware of when you’re making things like earrings or badges is when to insert the metal findings.


If you do it before the item is baked, please refer to the instructions and make sure that the findings can withstand the baking temperature without discolouring or deforming. You also need to make sure it’s embedded firmly into the clay to form a strong bond. Some earring posts and pins have a rough or textured end which, when pushed into the clay, can create a secure grip once baked.


Some findings don’t cope well with extreme heat so they can be applied after the baking process using a strong glue or two-part epoxy, but if you do use these types of adhesives, be careful, follow the instructions and have an adult present to supervise. One tip to ensure a strong bond is to slightly roughen or texture the area of the clay where the finding will be attached. This provides more grip for the adhesive.

Without further ado, here are seven fab modelling clay ideas.

Magical Mermaid Trinket Box

Rolling polymer clay, ready to make her mermaid trinket box. (Credit: cagan via Getty Images)

Of all the cute polymer clay ideas on this list, a mermaid-style trinket box is one of the best! Roll out your clay quite thinly – you can use different colours of the seas like shades of blues and purples – and use a cutter to make very small circles, like the size of a 5p piece. Bake the clay in the oven according to the instructions on the packet. Then all you need to do is layer the small clay discs over the top of a box to resemble fish scales or a mermaid’s tail, and hey presto, you’ve got a magical mermaid trinket box!

Excellent Easter Earrings

Multi-coloured polymer clay and tools for making earrings. (Credit: Elena Rui via Getty Images)

These earrings are a little bit fiddly – and this is one of the modelling clay ideas that might require a bit of help from mum or dad – but they look awesome! Make some very small Easter bunnies with ears and whiskers, or colourful mottled Easter eggs and you can celebrate Easter in style.

But of course cool earrings aren’t just reserved for Easter. You can make similar earrings for Christmas in the shape of trees or presents, for birthdays or just for fun! For information on when to add in the earring post, please see the information in the section above called 7 Brilliant Polymer Clay Ideas.

Brilliant Buddy Badges

An assortment of hand-made polymer clay badges. (Credit: Liudmila Chernetska via Getty Images)

If you’re a group of cool cats that love hanging out, get some badges made! It’s a really fun thing to do with your friends. Whether it’s the colours of your favourite football team, your favourite bands, or the letters of your names in bright, bold colours, you can do whatever you like! For information on when to add the badge pin, please see the information in the section above called 7 Brilliant Polymer Clay Ideas.

Beautiful Beads

Polymer clay beads (Credit: Eventista_CZ via Getty Images)

Cute polymer clay ideas don’t get much cuter than this. All you need to do is roll out some different coloured bead shapes – and it looks even better if the shapes aren’t all the same – and once they’ve been fired, thread them though a chain or some coloured twine. Remember, when rolling them out, don’t forget the holes!

Perfect Plant Pots

A Haworthia fasciata sits in a brown polymer clay pot. (Credit: Kashme via Getty Images)

Spruce up your garden, pots or window boxes with one of the polymer clay projects that can go on and on! Create leaves, flowers, fruits and vegetables or whatever takes your fancy. They can be stuck onto plant pots, window boxes or around the garden to give your outdoor spaces a vibrant flash of colour.

Charming Charms

Handmade polymer clay charms. (Credit: ULADZIMIR CYARGEENKA via Getty Images)

Small, intricate bracelet charms are polymer clay ideas that are almost limitless! Adorn a string bracelet with anything you like, from stars and planets to hearts, animals, flowers, fish or just random shapes! For added effect, sprinkle glitter into the clay. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Marvellous Magnets

Cute bear magnets made from polymer clay. (Credit: Iryna-Zhuravel via Getty Images)

Sure, you can buy fridge magnets, but isn’t it a better idea to make them yourself? Happy faces, fruit, rainbows, letters or abstract shapes, you can make anything you like! Buy some small flat magnets from your local craft shop and glue them to the backs of your creations.

The Adventure Begins

Polymer clay toys (Credit: ivanmateev via Getty Images)

Polymer clay crafts are a great hobby and there are loads of different things to make! It offers a unique opportunity to blend creativity with whimsical fun and self-expression. Happy crafting!


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