How to Make Your Own Paper Mosaic Art

Paper mosaic art is more than just a fun hobby, it's a journey into the world of creativity and an exploration of imagination. In this article, we’ll give you some really easy paper mosaic ideas that transform ordinary pieces of coloured paper into your very own works of art. Read on to unleash your inner artist. It’s easier than you think!

6 October 2023

The ancient Mesopotamians, Greeks, and Romans utilised mosaic techniques with materials like ceramic tiles, glass, and stone to create breathtaking visuals. Today, contemporary artists continue to push the boundaries of this artistic medium, showcasing its evolution into a versatile and widely accessible form. And yet, this fantastic technique is just as easy to undertake at home, and the creation of mosaic art ideas with paper means anyone can be an artist!

The word mosaic comes from the Italian ‘mosaico’, which in turn has its origins in the mediaeval Latin ‘musaicum.’ This term referred to work ‘of the Muses,’ the nine goddesses of the arts and sciences in Greek mythology. Historically, a mosaic was so named because it was a type of artwork seen as being worthy of these revered deities.

In this modern era, where digital media often dominates the visual landscape, there’s something profoundly satisfying about the hands-on process of creating paper mosaic art. A magazine clipping, a piece of coloured paper, or even an old map can be turned into a textured and vibrant creation.

Want to know more? Here’s our guide to creating paper mosaics.

Your Guide to Making a Paper Mosaic

Tissue paper, cut into squares, ready to be used for a paper mosaic. (Credit: Adrienne Bresnahan via Getty Images)

This article will guide you through some easy paper mosaic projects. Whether you’re an experienced artist looking for new techniques or a beginner eager to explore, this guide is designed to inspire you in bringing your vision to life.

So ready your paper, scissors, and glue, and prepare to embark on a creative adventure. Your journey into the intricate world of fun and exciting paper mosaic ideas begins here, and the possibilities are limitless.

What You Need to Make Amazing Paper Mosaic Art

Tools for paper mosaic making: Colourful craft paper with scissors and glue. (Credit: Costel Tarus / 500px via Getty Images)

Mosaic art projects are a brilliant way to use up old scraps of coloured paper, the end of a roll of wrapping paper that’s a fraction too small, magazines you’ve finished with and the bright junk mail that pours through your front door. You can even use things like colourful cereal boxes!

You’ll also need a pair of scissors, a glue stick, pencils and a rubber, and pieces of stock card to complete your paper mosaic ideas on.

When using scissors and glue, please be very careful and, if children are making their own paper mosaics, ensure an adult is present to supervise.

Super-Easy Paper Mosaic Projects - A Step-By-Step Guide

A child crafting a paper mosaic. (Credit: yavdat via Getty Images)

If you’ve ever made paper mosaic art, you’ll know there really is nothing to it. If you haven’t, prepare to have some creative fun!

Grab the Scissors and Start Cutting!

You need to make loads of tiles for your mosaic art projects so start cutting your pieces out. Keep them pretty small, they should vary in size somewhere between a 5p piece and a £2 coin. Cut them into all sorts of shapes including squares, rectangles, different types of triangles, diamonds, circles and irregular shapes that don’t have names. You can either sort them by shape or colour or just keep them in a big pile.

It’s Time to Draw

You may have already settled on what mosaic you’d like to make but if you haven’t, now’s the time. If you’re looking for easy paper mosaic ideas, perhaps start with something simple like a butterfly, a fish or a flower. If you want something a little more challenging, how about a map of the world, a replica of a famous painting like the Mona Lisa or a well-known tourist site like the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Big Ben. Draw the outline of your design in pencil. Once you’re happy, it’s mosaic time!

Making Your Magical Mosaic

This is where you can unleash your creativity and make your mosaic art ideas with paper as colourful as you like. Fish don’t have to be grey or silver. They can be purple or orange or green. A banana doesn’t have to be yellow. It can be blue or violet or whatever you like!

You can either apply glue to the back of every piece of paper or glue along the outline of your design and stick the pieces down. It’s entirely up to you. If you go for option two, do a small area at a time otherwise the glue will dry before you get there.

One great effect is to go around the edges first and fill in towards the middle using smaller and smaller tiles, and if you’ve got a space where nothing fits, cut another piece that does!

The Fabulous Finish

Once you’re happy with your paper mosaic art, you can coat it with an acrylic sealer or decoupage glue. You can get both from your local craft or hobby shop. Then, it’s up to you. Frame it and hang it on the wall, give it to a friend or mount it on a stiff board.

Piecing Together Your Mosaic Masterpiece

A child gets ready to create his paper mosaic. (Credit: A.Greeg via Getty Images)

In the realm of art and creativity, paper mosaic art stands as a testament to the transformative power of imagination and the wonders of repurposing everyday materials.

Each snippet of paper, carefully chosen and placed, tells its own story, merging with others to form a visual symphony. As you’ve journeyed through the process of creating your own mosaic art projects, remember that beyond the techniques and the guidelines, the true essence lies in your own creativity.

It’s incredible how something as ubiquitous as paper, when given time and intention, can transform into a timeless piece of art. Whether you’re crafting a cherished gift, decorating your own space, or merely exploring a new creative outlet, you’ll never run short of paper mosaic ideas, and each one will be more enchanting than the last.


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