Handmade Home Décor: Unique DIY Ideas to Personalise Your Space

Where home improvements and decorations are concerned, no-one has ever said ‘I’m finished!’ There’s always something new and interesting to do and these handmade wall decorations and handmade wall hanging crafts will make you want to flex your creative muscles time and time again. For a fab collection of handmade home decor items that won’t break the bank, read on!

3 July 2023

Embrace the charm and authenticity of handmade home decor by personalising your space. It’s the perfect way to make your house feel like a home. It’s quicker to go to the shops and buy what you want to jazz up your home but it’s so much more fun to do it yourself! Add a unique touch of crafty magic to any room by putting on your interior design hat and getting inspired!

Before we start, just a quick word of caution. Some of these handmade wall hanging crafts and other ideas require the use of paint, glue, scissors, and other items from the toolbox so if you’re creating with kids, they’ll need adult supervision.

These ideas for handmade home decor are just that, ideas! Whether you’re revamping a room or just looking for a change of scenery, the world is your oyster. Without further ado, here are some great handmade wall decoration ideas for you to make.

Brilliant Books

Paperback book (Credit: Kypros via Getty Images)

Dr Seuss told us to ‘fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks!’ He was right and bookshelves full of your favourites are great, but you can take literature to the next level and create some beautiful handmade wall hanging crafts. Take a trip to a second-hand shop for a bagful of reference and reading books and cover a wall of your reading nook with pages of different sizes, shapes and colours. You can stick them or hang them but it will be a real statement and a fascinating talking point!

Creative Clipboards

Flat lay clipboard. (Credit: Carol Yepes via Getty Images)

Old-fashioned wooden clipboards with rugged metal clips make really great handmade home decor items. You can get them in all sizes in bric-a-brac shops and online, and all you need to do is clip a photo, drawing, letter or page from your favourite book or even old handwritten recipes in the kitchen. Hang them up with some old string for a really effective handmade wall decoration.

Pretty Pin Boards

Pictures tacked to custom pinboard over blue background. (Credit: Sanja Baljkas via Getty Images)

A pinboard covered in magical memories adds a real personal touch to any room. Whether it’s a kids’ bedroom or your family space, this is one of the handmade home decor items you can constantly add to and change so it keeps looking fresh and interesting. For a real rustic touch, buy an old window frame or shutter and fix it to the wall. You can then hang photos and all sorts of memories to it using small bulldog clips.

Gorgeous Gallery Wall

Blank picture frames Hanging on a wall (Credit: Kanok Sulaiman via Getty Images)

Handmade wall hanging crafts don’t get any more creative than a gallery wall. All you need are picture frames and a big wall! You can fill the frames with themed images, such as birds, dogs, inspirational quotes, different types of leaves or drawings from school. Alternatively, mix and match to your heart’s content. For a cohesive look, keep to the same style of frame but after that, it’s time to unleash your inner creative!

Awesome Artwork

A painter at work (Credit: PeopleImages via Getty Images)

We’ve all got photos on our phones that we’re particularly proud of, but have you ever wondered if they’d make a handmade wall decoration? Get your favourite portrait-oriented image printed out in A2 or A1 size, add strips of wood to the top and bottom and hang it on the will with some thick jute rope. It will look stylish and rustic at the same time.

Quirky Kitchens

Three saucepans hanging from hooks with dried lavender. (Credit: Andreas Stamm via Getty Images)

Artwork in the kitchen is a bit of an unknown quantity, but creating your own handmade home decor makes for a real talking point. One idea is to paint a piece of plywood and attach lots of different types of wooden spoons, from big to small to quirky and unusual in a line. Use specialist wood glue or a fine gauge wire for a fun and unusual handmade wall decoration.

Cool Quilts

Sewing a quilt (Credit: tdub303 via Getty Images)

One of the classic handmade wall hanging crafts that adds a real sense of scale to a room is a crocheted quilt draped over an ornate curtain rail. You can get them in places like antique shops, car boot sales or online auction websites. The more intricate they are, the better they look.

Delightful Decoupage

Painting a wooden box. (Credit: Tolimir via Getty Images)

Decoupage is the art of decorating objects with pieces of paper. It’s been around for centuries and all you need is paper, scissors and glue for some shopstopping handmade home decor. You can decorate anything with off-cuts of wallpaper, wrapping paper or even cut-outs from magazines. Decoupage is a great way to upcycle old or tired pieces of furniture and you can cover the front of a chest of drawers, cupboards or wardrobes, the backs of bookcases, wooden footstools, literally anything you like and each piece will be totally unique.


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