Easy Glass Painting Ideas for Stunning Home Decor

There’s something wonderfully charming about painting on glass. These easy glass painting ideas are fun and enjoyable and with just a few basic supplies and a dash of imagination, even beginners can create masterpieces. Read on for some exciting glass jar painting ideas.

6 October 2023

Glass painting is an artistic medium that has captured people’s fascination for centuries. Thanks to its unique ability to capture and reflect light, easy glass painting designs – and indeed more intricate pieces – have now emerged as a contemporary favourite in home decor projects. Translucent glass and vibrant colours are a design match made in heaven.

Painting on glass is a great way to revamp your old glasses, vases, jars and dishes and we’ve got some simple glass painting ideas for you to get stuck into. Whether you’re making gifts for friends or family or you just want to put some much-needed colour into your cupboards, our easy glass painting designs will add a touch of elegance and creativity to any corner of your home.

Bridging the gap between intricate art forms and DIY, glass painting is an inclusive activity ensuring that everyone, regardless of their artistic prowess, can have fun and be endlessly creative.

This article is your guide to starting this colourful journey. We’ll share some easy glass painting ideas and we’ll give you an idea of what you need to kick off your adventure.

Glass Painting for Beginners - Tools of the Trade

Painting on a glass ornament. (Credit: Dangben via Getty Images)

So, you’re looking for some simple glass painting ideas but what do you need in order to get going?

The first thing you’re going to need is some drinks glasses or glass jars. Whether you use your own or you buy a cheap set of tumblers or jars to practise on is up to you, but there’s some prep you need to do before you get the paint out.


When painting on glass, the choice of brush can significantly influence the quality and ease of the application.

Soft Bristle Brushes

Usually made from natural bristles, these are great for a number of reasons. You can apply paint smoothly without leaving brush strokes and they’re ideal for detailed work or fine lines due to their precision.

Synthetic Brushes

These are made from man-made fibres like nylon. They can be either soft or stiff, but for glass painting, a softer synthetic brush is often preferred. They’re durable and retain their shape well, they’re usually less expensive than natural bristles and some are resistant to the caustic nature of some glass paints.

Within these two choices, you’ll find flat brushes that can cover large areas, round brushes that are great for detailed work and liner brushes – sometimes called rigger brushes – which are used for intricate work. Ask in your local craft or hobby shop for advice on the brushes you’ll need for the projects you want to undertake.

Paint & Other Supplies

Most of our easy glass painting designs can be achieved with acrylic enamel paints. They’re one of the most commonly used paints for glass painting, especially for those new to the craft. They’re water-based, which makes them easy to work with and clean up. Once applied, these paints usually require oven baking, but please always refer to the manufacturers’ guidelines for both the paint and the glassware to ensure both are suitable.

The other things you may need are applicator sponges for certain effects, masking tape for outlines and alcohol wipes to fix errors. As you progress through your journey, you might want to use things like stencils, glitter or even spray paints for more advanced texture and effects. You can also buy glass painting kits which generally contain everything you need to get started.

The Art of Glass

Intricate detail and garden related patterns on a glass bottle. (Credit: Daniel Balakov via Getty Images)

The first thing you need to do is thoroughly wash your glassware in warm, soapy water to remove any dirt, grease or fingerprints. Then, set your glasses aside to dry. Next, choose your design and you can either paint it straight onto the glass or use a stencil. Here are some simple glass painting ideas to get you started. Remember, these ideas are just that, ideas. You can be as creative as you like!

Glass Jar Painting Ideas

Painting a glass jar with stained glass paints. (Credit: marketlan via Getty Images)

If you make your own jam or pickles, some easy glass painting designs are fruits and vegetables! Images of bees look great on honey jars, and if you use jars in the garden, flowers brighten up dull spaces or window boxes.

Fabulous Fish Bowls

Koi carp and colourful tropical fish are classic designs for fish bowls, but instead of buying one, paint your own! Your painted fish won’t swim but they look great and you can fill the bowl with sand, pebbles and foliage for a great addition to any room.

Delightful Dots

Easy glass painting ideas don’t get much easier than dots, and while they’re simple, they are incredibly effective. They look great graduating up the glass and you can do them in one colour, shades of the same colour or a kaleidoscope of colours, it’s totally up to you.

Cute Christmas Colours

Decorate your tree this year with some beautiful hand-painted baubles! Glass baubles are very thin and delicate so please ensure you are careful and wear the appropriate safety equipment. You can paint Christmas scenes, snow, poinsettias, presents or indeed anything suitable festive!

Through the Looking Glass

Painting flowers onto a glass jar. (Credit: Dangben via Getty Images)

These simple glass painting ideas are just the start of your adventure! Whether you’re a novice discovering the joys of easy glass painting designs or a seasoned crafter experimenting with new skills, the world of glass painting promises endless possibilities. Dive in, let your imagination take the lead, and watch as the beauty of your creations transforms ordinary glass into extraordinary masterpieces. Happy painting!


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