Discover Your Creativity: 15 Fun Crafts to Do at Home for All Ages

Happiness is home-made, and you don’t need to be a crafting connoisseur to get involved! There are loads upon loads of fun things to make at home with all sorts of materials and it’s one of the most satisfying and creative things you can do! For a fab list of fifteen cool crafts to do at home, read on!

3 July 2023

If you’re looking for brilliant boredom busters or you want some quality time with the kids, these fun crafts to do at home are just the ticket! Perfect for adults and children alike, there’s no end to what you can make if you’ve got the imagination!

Great gifts for family or friends, this list of creative and fun things to make at home will keep everyone entertained.

Before we start, we’ve just got a quick word of caution. Some of these fun easy crafts to do at home require the use of paint, glue, scissors, and other things from the toolbox so the kids will need adult supervision.

Also, it’s worth noting that the ideas for these fun easy crafts to do at home are just that, ideas! This is your opportunity to flex your creative muscles and have as much fun as you like! So without further ado, here are fifteen fun projects to do at home.

Perfect Plant Pots

Child painting a terracotta plant pot (Credit: Elva Etienne via Getty Images)

Plants and flowers are pretty but let’s face it, the pots they come in can require improvement! One option is to paint them white, and then draw faces or shapes or whatever you like on them. You can also cover them in old bandanas and they’ll look just as fab as the flowers inside!

Fab Finger Painting

A child draws leafs on a tree. (Credit: Bohdan Bevz via Getty Images)

This may sound like something for the kids to do but it’s one for people of all ages. Of all the fun crafts to do at home, this is a great stress-reliever and huge amounts of fun! You can paint on paper, canvas or indeed whatever you like and you can get the whole family involved to see who can do the best picture!

Awesome Aprons

Young woman wearing apron (Credit: Colin Hawkins via Getty Images)

This is a great gift for whoever’s bossing the BBQ or ruling the kitchen. Start with a plain white apron and use fabric markers, paint or even stitching to make a great gift for the chef.

Pretty Paper Weights

Painting a paperweight (Credit: Jekaterina Voronina via Getty Images)

This is one of the cool crafts to do at home that involves nature, upcycling and creativity! First, go out into the garden or to the park and find a smooth, rounded rock about the size of your fist. Then, get some old fabric, cut it into small strips and glue it all over the rock. Then, you can cut out the initials of the person you’d like to give it to from felt and glue them on top. It makes a great present for a teacher or a friend to keep their desks tip-top tidy.

Sensational Server

Easter eggs in shabby chic wooden tray (Credit: Евгения Матвеец via Getty Images)

If you like to host tea or dinner parties, fun crafts to do at home don’t get much more fun than this! A beautifully painted wooden board with smooth edges looks amazing and you can screw some interesting or colourful handles to either end to complete the look. There won’t be another one like it!

Egg-cellent Egg Carton Flowers

Growing plants in reused eggshells (Credit: Flavia Morlachetti via Getty Images)

Every house in the world is brightened up with flowers and what’s better than flowers that don’t die? Instead of putting your used egg boxes in the recycling, cut each egg container out and paint them in bright colours. You can cut petals out or leave the individual carton whole and then attach pipe cleaners or modelling wire to the backs and put them in a vase. These egg-cellent egg flowers are really fun things to make at home.

Gorgeous Glitter Shoes

Glittery trainers (Credit: Emilija Manevska via Getty Images)

No summer wardrobe is complete without sparkly shoes or sandals! A pair of canvas slip-ons are the best shoes to start with and you need to cover the soles with tape so they stay clean. Next, you can use a glue brush to paint pretty patterns over the shoes and then cover them in glitter. It will hopefully slide off the shoes but stay on the glued areas. Leave them to dry for some seriously funky footwear!

Brilliant Bookmarks

A bookmark from yellow and blue folded paper (Credit: Zolotaosen via Getty Images)

If you’re looking for crafts to do at home on a rainy day, you can’t beat bookmarks. You can make them from anything including cardboard, wallpaper, painted craft sticks and even buttons glued onto paper clips. Use your imagination to make some boredom-busting bookmarks!

Jazzy Jars

Decorated jars (Credit: Rhys Hayward via Getty Images)

From pasta sauce to peanut butter, almost every recycling box will have an empty glass jar or two in it, and they can be upcycled into things like pen holders, desk tidies or for storing smaller kitchen gadgets. Paint them, cover them in off-cuts of fabric or wallpaper or do whatever you like to make them stand-out, but remember they’re glass so adult supervision is recommended.

Cool Collages

Children doing arts and crafts at a wooden table (Credit: Cavan Images via Getty Images)

This is one of the fun projects to do at home that’s great fun for the whole family. Make a great collage or memory board from old photos or cut-outs from newspapers or magazines. It may be a family holiday or even memorable meal times! It doesn’t matter, just as long as everyone has fun and happy memories!

Fantastic Frames

A picture frame for Valentine's Day (Credit: Cavan Images via Getty Images)

You’ve probably got loads of plain old photo frames dotted all over the house so it’s time to festoon them with fabulous frills! You can glue seashells or beads or buttons around the outside, or even strips of wallpaper or lace. For fun crafts to do at home with the kids, this one is picture-perfect!

Creative Colourful Crochet

Colourful crochet (Credit: Debbie Stanger via Getty Images)

Crochet isn’t easy but these handmade bookmark ideas really stand out from the crowd. You’ll need a pattern to follow but you can get them online or in craft shops. The beauty of these bookmarks is that there’s no limit to what you can do. You can make these mini-scarves in the colours of your favourite Harry Potter house, your team or really whatever you want!

Shoebox Stories

Box filled with memories (Credit: RG-vc via Getty Images)

This is one of the fun things to make at home that’s personal and touching and makes a really wonderful gift. We’ve all got treasured holiday photos, so instead of keeping them stored on your phone or in frames, cover the inside of shoe box lids with maps of where you’ve been and fix your holiday snaps to the map. You can do the same with photos of family weddings, new babies, new homes, or your last day in school, the list goes on and on…!

Question: Bookends or Bricks?

Bookends on shelves (Credit: Liudmila Chernetska via Getty Images)

Answer: Both! Funky bookends make a great addition to your bookshelves and common house bricks are perfect! Make sure they get a good wash and you can use them as they are, though they’re much more fun if they’re painted cool colours or sprayed with a stencil. You can even paint them to resemble the spines of your favourite books.

Amazing Alphabet Rocks

Round river stones (Credit: Jackyenjoyphotography via Getty Images)

If you’re looking for fun crafts to do at home with younger kids, this idea rocks! Sure, you can buy colourful wooden blocks to teach the little ones the alphabet, but it’s way more fun making them yourself! All you need is twenty-six small rocks from the park or garden and some paint. Colour the rocks one colour and add each letter in a different colour. Who said learning wasn’t fun!


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