October Gardening To-Do List

Make your autumnal garden flourish!

1. Move Herbs Indoor 

Transplant herbs from planter boxes on the deck into smaller containers to bring inside before winter weather hits.




2. Prepare the Coop 


The chickens are molting to prepare for cold weather ahead. Time to give the coop an autumn tune-up to make sure the flock remains warm and safe during the winter months.





3. Decorate for Autumn and Halloween 


Get out your pumpkins and other autumnal decorations. The cooler temperatures of October are worth celebrating.





4. Don't Forget the Birds!


Don’t clean up everything. Leave some perennial berries and seeds in the garden for overwintering birds. Think about planting more shrubs as cover or as food for birds.




5. Keep Watering 


Continue to water your plants if you’re not receiving rain. Plants still need water to survive as temperatures moderate.




6. Buy Plant Bulbs 


Bulbs are in stores. Shop now for the best selection but wait to plant until early next month. 




7. Keep Mowing 


Continue to mow the lawn with the bag attached, gathering chopped leaves for compost and mulch.




8. Add Compost and Fresh Soil



The summer crops may have depleted the soil in garden raised beds, so fill them up with rich soil and plenty of compost to get them ready for more planting.